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Definition of privacy Glass

Fanyu www. glass. com. cn 2017-10-10 13:59:40
Many people see the name of privacy glass when the heart will silently OS: "What is this ghost?" In fact, the rear side of the privacy glass, refers to the car on both sides of the glass attached to a special coating, so that all the back side of the window is dark color, improve the privacy of the car at the same time, more to avoid the sun exposure. It allows passengers in the car to have a safer and more comfortable environment.
This kind of configuration in high-grade cars and high-end commercial vehicles is more common, but as the cost of decline, more and more of the pro-civilian sedan has gradually applied this practical configuration.

   Does the privacy glass need a foil?
Many people have such a misunderstanding that privacy glass is affixed to a darker color film. In fact, the privacy of the glass is the vehicle when the factory, not later affixed. So you can save some of the film money Oh!
   is privacy glass different from foil glass?
Xiao Bian said: Can not achieve the same effect, privacy glass from the inside to see the transparent effect is very good (a bit of one-way glass feeling), and if the color of the film if the same as the privacy of the glass, from the inside to see the effect is very poor, especially at night!!!
   What is the purpose of privacy glass?
In fact, the key use is to allow some owners to have privacy space, outside the car can not see inside, but in the car is able to see outside the car. It also masks ultraviolet rays.
Said so much, we are not the privacy of glass deepened a lot of understanding!
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