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What are the advantages of using a vacuum spreader to transport glass?
Release on 2018-12-181. Fast operation speed: vacuum energy is stored in the vacuum accumulator. Within one second, it can be sent to the suction cup for instant absorptio...Read More
Insulating glass is not allowed to quality--Look at the Raiders
Release on 2018-12-18When installing the system doors and windows, we need to pick a glass to achieve a great insulation. Therefore, what kind of insulating glass we choos...Read More
Soda ash price shifts upwards - glass production costs rise
Release on 2018-12-13Recently, the price of soda ash has shifted upwards and the cost of glass production has risen. As a result, the spot prices of glass markets in vario...Read More
Central China Conference - Market confidence is acceptable
Release on 2018-12-12From the regional perspective, after the manufacturers' quotations in South China and East China increased, the implementation of the price of the man...Read More
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Construction requires strengthening the safety work of
Release on 2018-12-10The reporter was informed that in order to implement the instructions issued by the provincial government of the glass drop event of Crowne Plaza Hote...Read More
Detailed process of laminated glass production process
Release on 2018-12-07The overall manufacturing process of laminated glass should be divided into 12 processes, the process is as follows: 1, cut a large piece:...Read More
Glass mirror wall installation
Release on 2018-12-051. The base layer treatment of the background wall begins the construction of the glass background wall. Firstly, the basic treatment of the wall surf...Read More
It is strictly forbidden to increase production capacity of cement flat glass industry
Release on 2018-12-03According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National ...Read More
Development status of the glass market
Release on 2018-11-30Glass is recognized worldwide as a safe, excellent food packaging container and material. As of 2017, China's glass main business income was 164.72 bi...Read More
How to distinguish between silver mirror and aluminum mirror?
Release on 2018-11-28Aluminum mirrors are also known as aluminized mirrors, aluminum mirrors, glass mirrors, mirror glass, mirror glass. The high-reflection aluminum mirro...Read More
What are the hazards of inferior building glass film?
Release on 2018-11-27With the energy-saving, explosion-proof, ultraviolet-blocking, and privacy-protecting effects associated with architectural glass film, it has been wi...Read More
What is the function of the atomized glass?
Release on 2018-11-26Atomized glass can also be called dimming glass, which can be controlled by voltage control between the scattering state and the transmissive state. T...Read More
Song Zhiping led a delegation to visit Japanese companies such as AGC
Release on 2018-11-23From November 11th to 15th, Song Zhiping, the party secretary of China Building Materials Group, led a group delegation to Japan to visit Japan's lead...Read More
The spring of solar glass is coming soon
Release on 2018-11-22Recently, Boss Data released the “Investigation Report on In-depth Research and Investment Prospects of China's Photovoltaic Glass Market in 2018-202...Read More
How much is the size of the window glass?
Release on 2018-11-221, window glass high = hook light size -7cm 2, window sash glass width = upper and lower size -0.8cm 3, bright window glass width = (upward down size ...Read More
How to judge whether the glass type contains lead
Release on 2018-11-211, look at the logo: lead-free glass generally contains potassium, mostly high-end crafts and has a logo on the outer packaging; and lead-containing g...Read More
Our main and hot products
Release on 2016-10-28Today, we recommend our main and hot products to you: 1. Mirror. silver mirror, copper-free and lead-free silver mirror1) Color: clear, bronze, grey;2...Read More
Where there is mirror, there is Fanyu
Release on 2016-10-27Where there is mirror, there is Fanyu. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier for the world famous brand of mirror and glass products. With more...Read More
New product, tempered glass mirror, safety mirror
Release on 2016-10-26Today, we recommend new product, tempered glass mirror, safety mirror to you. The raw materials of this kind of mirror are top quality clear float gla...Read More
We, China best mirror glass manufacturers and suppliers
Release on 2016-10-14We, China best mirror glass manufacturers and suppliers. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier for the world famous brand of mirror and glass p...Read More