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The future of glassware is indispensable for this 4 points to support
Release on 2019-02-19[Furning glass of the vessel] Glassware products have traditionally been blown by hand-melting, especially for export products, and are st...Read More
Advantages and disadvantages of glass surface treatment
Release on 2019-02-13Advantages of glass surface treatment: 1. Improve the physical and chemical properties of the glass, such as surface coatings to increase the strength...Read More
The glass market is generally dull on the eve of the Spring Festival
Release on 2019-01-21January 21, the Northwest Territories since the weekendglassThe overall trend of the spot market is weak, some manufacturers have slowed down the ware...Read More
Eight factors affecting the smoothness of glass bottles
Release on 2019-01-18After the glass bottle is produced and formed, sometimes the bottle body will have many spots of wrinkles, bubble scratches, etc., which are caused by...Read More
How to clean the Chinese New Year glass
Release on 2019-01-16Now close to the year, many people have already started cleaning. When cleaning, every household will clean every corner of the house, just to remove ...Read More
It is expected that the glass price increase momentum will weaken
Release on 2019-01-07At the end of the year, the downward pressure on the economy increased and global macroeconomic policies began to adjust. The Fed has recently release...Read More
Glass short-term price still subsidizes water kinetic energy
Release on 2019-01-04With the end of New Year's Day, the number of downstream processing orders has declined. Under the pattern that the contradiction between supply and d...Read More
What are the advantages of a glass greenhouse?
Release on 2019-01-03Glass greenhouses are expensive to construct compared to other greenhouses and are suitable for use in large-scale ecotourism parks. The glass greenho...Read More
Market confidence is weakening - lack of practical advantage
Release on 2018-12-26Recently, the general trend of the glass spot market is general. Most of the production enterprises mainly increase the outbound and returning funds, ...Read More
How to install and debug insulating glass machinery
Release on 2018-12-25(1) The site conditions should have 380V AC power supply, industrial tap water source and drainage ditch. Most of theInsulating glassThe equipment and...Read More
Soda market summary - how much do you know
Release on 2018-12-25The overall soda ash in Central China is stable and stable. The price of light soda ash is 1900-1950 yuan/ton in the mainstream market, and the mainst...Read More
What are the brands of glass glue?
Release on 2018-12-20In the process of decoration, glass glue is also used. This is a kind of material that can make the decoration materials adhere more closely. Many peo...Read More
What are the advantages of using a vacuum spreader to transport glass?
Release on 2018-12-181. Fast operation speed: vacuum energy is stored in the vacuum accumulator. Within one second, it can be sent to the suction cup for instant absorptio...Read More
Insulating glass is not allowed to quality--Look at the Raiders
Release on 2018-12-18When installing the system doors and windows, we need to pick a glass to achieve a great insulation. Therefore, what kind of insulating glass we choos...Read More
Soda ash price shifts upwards - glass production costs rise
Release on 2018-12-13Recently, the price of soda ash has shifted upwards and the cost of glass production has risen. As a result, the spot prices of glass markets in vario...Read More
Central China Conference - Market confidence is acceptable
Release on 2018-12-12From the regional perspective, after the manufacturers' quotations in South China and East China increased, the implementation of the price of the man...Read More
Our main and hot products
Release on 2016-10-28Today, we recommend our main and hot products to you: 1. Mirror. silver mirror, copper-free and lead-free silver mirror1) Color: clear, bronze, grey;2...Read More
Where there is mirror, there is Fanyu
Release on 2016-10-27Where there is mirror, there is Fanyu. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier for the world famous brand of mirror and glass products. With more...Read More
New product, tempered glass mirror, safety mirror
Release on 2016-10-26Today, we recommend new product, tempered glass mirror, safety mirror to you. The raw materials of this kind of mirror are top quality clear float gla...Read More
We, China best mirror glass manufacturers and suppliers
Release on 2016-10-14We, China best mirror glass manufacturers and suppliers. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier for the world famous brand of mirror and glass p...Read More