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High quality Low-e insulated glass ,used sliding glass doors saleHigh quality Low-e insulated glass ,used sliding glass doors saleHigh quality Low-e insulated glass ,used sliding glass doors saleHigh quality Low-e insulated glass ,used sliding glass doors sale

High quality Low-e insulated glass ,used sliding glass doors sale

  • Size : Customized
  • Thickness :3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • Shape:Round, oval, square, rectangular, etc.
  • Usage: bathroom
  • Certificate: CE,ISO,KS ,INTERTEK
  • MOQ:500 square meter
  • Payment terms: TT,L/C,Western Union
  • Loading port:Qingdao/Tianjin port ,China
  • Meterial:clear sheet glass or clear float glass, aluminum
  • Benefits:It is 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness
 Product  Tempered glass
 Thickness  3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm
Clear, ultra clear, green, bronze, blue, etc.
 Size  Min,size:200*400mm,max,size:2400*7000mm or customized
 OEM service  Available in shape,size,color,etc
 Application  Building,furniture,frame-less door,shower enclosures,table tops,etc.
 Main customers  IKEA,B&Q,Wal-Mart,etc
 Certificates  ISO 9001:2000, TUV, INTERKET approved.

The strength of tempered white glass is the 3-5 times than that of ordinary white glass and it is capable to endure the temperature below 300 。C .There is no harm to human when it was broken into small obtuse angle grains.

Ultra clear glass is a kind of exceeding clarity and low iron glass, which is also called low iron glass, high transmittance glass. It is a new type of high grade glass that has high performance and multifunction, the light transmittance achieves above 91%.It also holds all the performance of high-quality float glass shining in the building area. It not only has superexcellent performance in energy-saving of building, but also is the ideal material of environment protection.

Tempered glass (toughened glass) 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness. Yujing tempered glass is a kind of safety glass that is very popular in building,decoration and automobile field.All work done on glass(beveling, cutting,bending,etc)must be done before tempering.

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Quenching sets the outer surfaces in compression and the inner surfaces in tension. Such stresses cause the glass, when broken, to be shredded into small pieces rather than splinter granular into jagged shards. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury.
Tempered glass is widely used to window, door, railing, partition, shower, table top, ect.

  Credit is the basic, Quality is the first

1.We can according to your request for the processing of products

2.Excellent before and after sale service.

3.Details update through email during order producing.

Yujing Group was established in June, 2006, specializing in manufacture and distribution of glass and mirror products, Qingdao Yujing Fanyu Trading Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of a group company, mainly in charge of exporting business based on our own factories.

Our main products are glass, mirrors and Further processing mirrors:
♥ Mirror series includes:
1. Large silver mirror
2. Copper-free and lead-free mirror
3. Aluminum mirror
4. Tinted mirror etc.
♥ Deep processing mirrors series includes:
1. Safety mirror
2. Wall mirror
3. Cosmetic mirror
4. Bathroom mirror
5. Furniture mirror etc.
♥ Glass series includes:
1. Tempered/toughened glass
2. Clear float glass
3. Extra clear glass
4. Sheet glass
5. Tinted float glass
6. Patterned glass
7. Painted glass etc.
♥ Deep processing fabrication ability includes:
1. CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) cutting
2. Edge polishing
3. Beveling
4. Hole drilling
5. Laminating
6. Tempering, etc.
With more than 10-year experiences in manufacturing, research and development of glass and mirror products, approved by ISO 9001, ISO14001, KS, CCC, SGS, TUV etc., Qingdao Yujing Fanyu Trading Co., Ltd has the confidence to deliver supreme quality products and service to our customers, and become your long-term partner.

We will try our best to serve you!

Qingdao Hongxiang Fanyu Trading Co., Ltd


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