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Causes and Solutions of Rainbow Ripples in Glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-04-27
According to a friend's reflection, rainbow spots appeared in the sun room that was installed soon. How can this be good?
Everyone loves the rainbow, but I believe no one likes rainbow spots on the glass of their own home. Today Xiao Bian gave everyone an analysis of the causes and solutions of rainbow spots in glass.
TheWhat is a glass rainbow spot?
On the glass, strips, blocks, and other colors resemble rainbow-colored stripes, which are called glass rainbow spots. The probability of rainbow spots appearing on tempered glass is generally higher than that of ordinary glass.
There are two common cases of glass rainbow markings:
TheI. Glass rainbow spots caused by uneven distribution of tempered glass stress
The compressive stress that the tempered glass forms on the surface layer of the glass, and the tensile stress that forms on the inside of the glass have a difference in density from the surface to the center, at different positions of the same surface layer. The macroscopically irregular arrangement of atoms causes the tempered glass to be anisotropic. When a polarized light passes through a tempered glass, this makes the path through which visible light passes a tortuous path. Due to the difference in optical density inside the glass, the light is split into two polarized lights with different propagation speeds. That is, one beam is light that travels relatively fast, and one beam is light that travels at a relatively slow speed. When two light beams formed at a certain point intersect with a light beam formed at another point, there is a phase difference at the intersection of the light beams due to the difference of the light propagation speed, and at this point, the two light beams will produce an interference phenomenon when the two beams When the direction of the light's amplitude is the same, the light is strengthened, resulting in a visually bright field, i.e. rainbow streak. Therefore, the more uneven the stress distribution of the tempered glass is, the more pronounced is the rainbow speckle phenomenon produced on the surface.
For rainbow spots where the glass stress distribution is uneven, the solution is to allow the temperature of each area of ​​the glass to be highly uniform before the glass is air-cooled. The cooling rate and the wind speed are kept uniform during the air-cooling process, and the glass can be reduced. The appearance of rainbow markings.
tempered glass
TheSecond, the glass produced by mildew caused by mildew
In the process of storage and transportation, even during installation and use, glass is exposed to water vapor or other chemical products. Rainbow spots, white spots, and white fog are easily formed on the surface of the glass, causing the transparency to decrease and the smoothness to decrease.
The glass rainbow spots produced in this case can be found in time to use 8% hydrofluoric acid for cleaning or use a glass mold remover for cleaning, and can achieve a good removal effect. If it is not treated for a long time, it will cause the glass rainbow spots to be difficult to remove.