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The difference between float glass and white glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-13
  Glass is indispensable in the decoration, one of the most basic is the doors and Windows, there are many kinds of glass, glass, art glass,Tempered glassVaried, what about what we know about floating glass and? small series and today we talk about the difference between the two.

  What is float glass?

  Using sea sand, quartz powder, soda, dolomite and other raw materials, high temperature melt furnace, continuous flow to the molten glass from the furnace and float on the molten metal surface, formation of uniform thickness and a flame-polished glass, liquid metal cooling hardening off, then anneal a transparent flat glass cutting. Float production process is completed in a tin bath into the shielding gas. Float glass is widely classified as colored glass, float silver mirror, float glass, deep processing of float glass\/windshield level level, float glass float glass\/coating\/scanner class, level, floating glass\/mirror level. Ultra clear float glass which has a wide range of applications and broad market prospects, mainly used in building high-end, upscale glass processing field and solar PV curtain wall and glass furniture, decorative glass, Crystal products, lamps, glass, precision electronics, special construction.

  Advantages of float glass:

  First of all is in a tin bath in float glass, glass floating on Tin surfaces. Therefore, this glass is first and foremost speed good, no water. Used to make glass, automotive glass, do not take shape, which is a big advantage. Second float glass selection of ores quartz sand, good raw materials. Glass produced pure and good transparency. Bright and clear. No glass boil, bubbles and the like. Third is compact, heavy and feels smooth, same thickness per square metre than flat share, good cut, not easy to be damaged. In addition, more than more than 200 production lines across the country are in strict accordance with national standards of production, this glass is the best glass buildings. The price, compared to the same thickness, only about 4 Yuan higher than the flat glass per square metre, relatively affordable prices.

  What is white glass?

  White glass is a super transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass, transparent glass. It is a high quality, versatile breed of new type glass, light transmission rate of up to 91.5% per cent, with sparkling, upscale and elegant characteristics, glass family \"the Crystal Prince\" said. White glass and float glass has all machinable performance, with superior physical and mechanical and optical properties, like other quality float glass deep processing. Such as steel, coated, coloured glaze, hot curved, laminated, insulating Assembly. Ultra clear glass is not only in the field of architecture energy-saving, environmental protection, building design into the fashion-conscious modern architecture and design philosophy. Ultra clear glass excellent optical and electro-optical technology in photovoltaic curtain wall heralds a new, promising areas.

  The difference between float glass and white glass:

  Float clear glass with low iron float glass from the appearance point of view, the biggest difference is that of transparency. The former is not strictly required, usually visible light transmittance at 89% (3mm), and the ultra has strict requirements, but also may cause the glass to paint (blue, and green) has a strict definition of the iron content: visible light transmittance of not less than 91.5% (3mm), iron oxide (Fe2O3) content not higher than 0.015% (float 0.1%, 10 times higher).
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