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How to distinguish between silver mirror and aluminum mirror?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-11-28

Aluminum mirrors are also known as aluminized mirrors, aluminum mirrors, glass mirrors, mirror glass, mirror glass. The high-reflection aluminum mirror adopts high-quality float glass plate as the original film, which is sequentially cleaned and polished, high-vacuum metal deposition, aluminum plating, rapid oxygen reaction, first pass corrosion-resistant lacquer drying and drying, and the second pass waterproof and hard lacquer It is made by drying and other processing procedures.

aluminum mirror

Advanced floatAluminum mirrorCan be made into a variety of colors of colored mirror color mirror to add different decorative effects, such as gray mirror, brown mirror, green mirror, blue mirror and so on. The thickness ranges from 1.1 mm to 8 mm, and the aluminum mirror plate size is 2440 x 1830 mm.

Silver mirrors are commonly known as waterproof mirrors, mercury mirrors, silver mirrored glass surfaces, glass mirrors, mirrored glass, etc. Silver mirrors are widely used in furniture, crafts, decoration, bathroom mirrors, cosmetic mirrors, optical mirrors, and automotive rearview mirrors. When storing mirrors, do not stack them with alkaline and acidic materials to avoid storage in damp environments.

Silver mirror also refers to the phenomenon that the reducing sugar reacts with the Torrance reagent to produce elemental silver on the test tube wall during the reducing sugar test. So how do you distinguish between silver mirror and aluminum mirror?

Silver mirror and aluminum mirror have different reflection resolution

Compared with the paint on the surface of the silver mirror and the paint on the surface of the aluminum mirror, the paint of the silver mirror is more deep, and the paint of the aluminum mirror is lighter. The silver mirror is much clearer than the aluminum mirror, and the reflection angle of the object light source is more standardized. The reflectivity of the aluminum mirror is low, the reflection performance of the ordinary aluminum mirror is about 70%, the shape and color are easily distorted, and the life is short, and the corrosion resistance is poor, which has been completely eliminated in European and American countries. However, aluminum mirrors are easy to mass produce, and raw materials are also relatively low cost.

Silver mirror and aluminum mirror back coating are different

Generally, silver mirrors have more than two layers of paint protection. Scratch the part of the protective paint on the surface of the mirror. If the proof of the copper color on the bottom layer is a silver mirror, the silver-white proof is an aluminum mirror. In general, the back of the silver mirror is dark gray, and the back of the aluminum mirror is light gray.

Silver and aluminum mirrors have different front color brightness

The silver mirror is dark and bright, and the color is deep. The aluminum mirror is white and bright, and the color is bleached. Therefore, the silver mirror is distinguished by color: the color of the back is gray, and the color of the front is dark and dark. The two pieces are put together, shiny, and white is the aluminum mirror.

Silver mirror and aluminum mirror surface paint are different

Silver is an inactive metal. Aluminum is an active metal. When it takes a long time, aluminum will oxidize and lose its natural color. It will become gray. Silver will not. Simpler, it can be tested with dilute hydrochloric acid. The reaction of aluminum is very strong, and silver is very slow. The silver mirror is more waterproof and moisture-proof than the aluminum mirror. The photo is clearer and brighter. It is generally used in the damp place of the bathroom and is more durable than the aluminum mirror.

The three differences between silver mirror and aluminum mirror: the appearance of silver mirror and aluminum mirror is very similar, but the material cost of silver mirror production is obviously higher than that of aluminum mirror. Not only that, but in terms of labor cost, the production process of silver mirror is also complicated. Some, of course, the price and texture will also be different.

Specifically,Silver mirrorIt is made of silver plating, and the aluminum mirror is made of metal aluminum; the price of silver mirror is much higher than the price of aluminum mirror, the cost of aluminum mirror is low, and it is also full of durability, that is, do not put the bathroom in a dry place, when used as a mirror Silver mirrors are generally priced at about 60-70 yuan / square meter, aluminum mirrors are priced at about 40-60 yuan / square meter; from the brightness point of view, the refractive performance of silver mirror is better than aluminum mirror, in the same light intensity Next, the silver mirror will look brighter.