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silver mirror with high quality as raw materialsilver mirror with high quality as raw materialsilver mirror with high quality as raw materialsilver mirror with high quality as raw materialsilver mirror with high quality as raw materialsilver mirror with high quality as raw material

silver mirror with high quality as raw material

  • Place of Origin:Shandong China
  • Brand Name:Yujing
  • Model Number:FY-ST031
  • Shape:Float
  • Usage:Further processing
  • Material:Glass
  • Application:construction processing
  • FOB Price:US $1.25 - 4.75 / Square Meter
  • Port:Qingdao/Tianjin Port
Product Description
High quality clear float glass and modern mirror equipment combine to produce nice feeling mirrors of exceptionally high quality. Silver mirror is produced through a trine processing work by coating a silver film, a copper film, and two layers of waterproof paints on the surface of glass. Lead-free and copper-free silver mirror is one kind environmental mirror. It is produced with JINJING top quality clear float glass and two layers of light grey, green or other colors of Italy FENZI paint. It is usually used by IKEA, Europe, USA, etc.

Yujing have more than thirty sets of silver mirror and glass deep processing equipment, such as automatic cutting machine, milling machine, washing machine. Flat, round, oval, U shape, S shape mirrors are available, and round edge (also named as C-edge, pencil edge), flat edge, wave edge, beveled edge can be polished.
 Brand Name  Yujing
 Material silver,glass,Italy FENZI paint
 Sizes  2440*3300mm for max,or custom if you need
Thickness  3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
 Back Paints  double coated
 glass color  grey,yellow,green,etc
 Back Paint Color  pale grey, dark gray, green, deep blue, yellow, etc.
 surface shape  flat and smooth
 Edgeworks  Round edge/ Pencil edge/ C-edge; Flat edge/Beveled edge, etc.
 Application  furniture, gym, hotel, etc.
 Certificates  ISO 9001, TUV, INTERTEK, KS, SGS, etc.
 Packing  Seaworthy wooden crates with Iron belt for consolidation
 Delivery  Shipped within 25 days after deposit paid from Qingdao/Tianjin Port

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