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15mm roughly polished tempered plain glass for further processing15mm roughly polished tempered plain glass for further processing15mm roughly polished tempered plain glass for further processing15mm roughly polished tempered plain glass for further processing15mm roughly polished tempered plain glass for further processing

15mm roughly polished tempered plain glass for further processing

  • Place of origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Operating name: FLYING
  • Model number: FLY-03
  • Use: Continuation of the proceedings
  • Float glass material
  • Size: 2440 * 3660 mm max, customized if necessary
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Application: Additional processing, transformation of Construction
  • Certificates: CE, CCC etc.
  • Edge œuvres: rounded edge------\/ Pencil edge-\/ C-edge; Bord\\\/beveled flat edge, etc.
  • Payment deadline: neckl\/T, l\\\/c, etc.
  • Delivery time: 25 days after order confirmation

Safety glass Emilie made by heating flat glass for just below the softening temperature (650 ° c) and suddenly it cold with cold air jets. It translates the skin under the constraint of powerful compression and inside with the constraint of severe traction. Accordingly, the impact applied on glass will be overcome by the stress of compression on the surfaces to ensure safety of use. It is ideal for areas with strong wind loads and areas where human security is an important consideration.

 Material  Float glass Jinjing
 Sizes  2440 * 3300mm max or customized if necessary
 Available thickness  15mm
 Circle, rectangle, oval, square or custom.
 Glass color
 Claire, Extra light
 Edgeworks  Rounded edge------\/ Pencil edge-\/ C-edge; Bord\\\/beveled flat edge, etc.
 additional processing, transformation of construction
 CE, CCC, etc.
 Packing  Wooden boxes with the belt of iron for the consolidation
 Delivery  Ships within 25 days after deposit paid at the Qingdao\\\/Tianjin Port

1 5 times harder than ordinary float glass, more resistance to thermal breakage that cooking or heat strengthened glass.
2. once the break occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments, which are relatively safe for the human body.
3. it is resistant to sudden changes of temperature of 220 degrees centigrade.
4 sizes are produced according to the customer request. Once soaked, it can not be cut down.

1. 10 years of experiences on glass and mirror manufacturing and export.
2. top quality glass with CE, exporting to over 80 countries worldwide certificate.
3. unique designed wooden cases strong, problems of breakage.
4. full range of supply of flat glass, offering one-stop unique purchase.
5 professional sales team, providing personalized and dedicated services.

Glass and mirror daouda are packed by sea-worthy fumigation of wooden boxes with paper as the inter-layer and the belt of iron for the consolidation. It is suitable for the delivery of the sea over long distances. Specific size of the crates with fumigation are available according to the demands of the customers.

Emilie have loading professional and experienced team, will help get you the cargo and container is closed and safe. Daouda products can reach to all ports of the world safely and quickly.

Our company
Created in June 2006, which specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of products of glass and mirror, Qingdao Emilie family Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of a company of the group, mainly in charge of export business based on our own factories.

Our main products are glass, mirrors and mirrors of advanced transformations:
♥ Mirror series includes:
1. large silver mirror
2. copper and lead free mirror
3 Mirror aluminium
4 tinted mirror etc.
Treatment includes deep ♥ series mirrors:
1 safety mirrors
2 wall mirror
3 mirror
4. bathroom mirror
5. mirror furniture etc.
♥ Glass series includes:
1 trempe\\\/tempered glass
2. clear float glass
3. extra clear glass
4 sheet of glass
5. tinted float glass
6 patterned glass
7 painted glass etc.
Manufacturing for the treatment capacity deep ♥ includes:
1 cutting CNC (computerized digital control)
2. edge polishing
3 bevel
4. drilling of hole
5 rolling
6 quenching, etc.
With over 10 years of manufacturing, research and development of glass products and experiences mirror, approved by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KS, CCC, SGS, TÜV etc., Qingdao Emilie family Trading Co., Ltd. has the confidence to deliver products of quality and service to our customers and become your long term partner.

Our products have been approved by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KS, CCC, SGS, TÜV and this, etc. We have cooperated with many famous companies and have exported our products to more than 80 countries around the world. We have the confidence to go through any quality of the trial and test and hope to have a cooperation with you long term!

Frequently asked Questions
Here are the answers to our most popular questions.
1. What is your minimum order quantity?
Our MOQ is 1 * 20GP. Products of different sizes and specifications could be combined in a single vessel.
2 is. your company a manufacturer or a Distributor?
Our company is a manufacturer of glass and mirror products, and we have our own factory and advanced production lines to satisfy you.
3. can I get samples to check the quality of your?
Yes, samples are available for your reference freely, and yet, delivery must be paid.
4. maybe custom products?
Yes, the products can be customized according to our processing capacity.
5 How long will be the lead time?
It depends on the quantity you want, while we will spare no effort to chase the top of your schedule.
6. can I visit your factory?
Yep! We warmly invite you to visit our factory at any time.
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Time and finances are valuable, so we think that this high quality product will never be an extravagance. If you are searching for answers, wants to solve a problem, or just to let us know how we did it, you will find many ways to contact us here. We will try our best to serve!

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