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Aluminum alloy door and window glass cleaning tips

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-15
  Aluminum Windows and doors have prevailed on the market, fashion, easy clean installation, become one of the essential building materials for home improvement. Just installed on the aluminum door and window glass crystal clear, bright and beautiful, but uses long, there above the stain affected. How the aluminum alloy doors and Windows clean? Following several small series to introduce cleaner artifacts and methods, and you'll have a well-lighted home!

  Lint items articles

  1, the newspaper over a wet rag, again dry newspapers.

  2, stockings: this is no ordinary rag, wipe with PantyhoseGlassDidn't leave the fibres of the cloth due to electrostatic attraction, making the glass more clean and bright.

  3, cotton yarn: dipped in warm vinegar after cleaning the glass, high efficiency, good quality.

  4, Sheepskin or micro fiber cleaning cloth, leaving dander.

  5, onion flakes

  Cleaning Kit review

  1, AI + water: AI can be dissolved with water, add a few drops of liquid, take care not to let water into the back of the mirror, otherwise it will etch the back of paint, and then destroy the reflection layer.

  2, warm vinegar

  3, the addition of useful chalk, gypsum powder water, residual useful tea, kerosene, Indigo or white wine, baking soda solution.

  Clean technology review

  1, first clean the glass around the dusty debris.

  2, wipe, wipe one end to the other of glass or mirror, the direction from top to bottom, from left to right.

  3, "a wet-dry" alternating wipe until germination "glass empty, where can the dust alight" feel.

  4, the side glass or mirrors to check the cleaning effect, if necessary, wipe again many times.

  If you still feel that the above method is too cumbersome, it is recommended that you choose a professional tool, too lazy to use the water, and does not have soaks the glass water, cleaning agents, you are outfitted with a glass, very convenient, polished glass crystal clear bright, easily stained ash.