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How many glasses do you want to know?

  Glass Common sense:    A weight box of glass is about 50 kg heavy and 1 tons of glass is 20 weight boxes.    The proportion of glass is: 2...

Causes and Solutions of Rainbow Ripples in Glass

According to a friend's reflection, rainbow spots appeared in the sun room that was installed soon. How can this be good? The Everyone lov...

How to distinguish between silver mirror and aluminum mirror?

Aluminum mirrors are also known as aluminized mirrors, aluminum mirrors, glass mirrors, mirror glass, mirror glass. The high-reflection aluminum mirro...

Why do you want to put kerosene in glass cutter?

Kerosene increases the surface tension of the glass, does not blast, and the cut surface is smooth. If you use a glass knife, it is not rubbed.glassOn...

Tempered glass analysis of the common problems and solutions

Tempered glass of appearance quality problem has many performance form, we according to its appeared in production process in the stage of different, ...

What is the difference between laminated glass PVB and SGP?

Early laminated glass generally used laminated glass produced by PVB film; since PVB film was developed for automotive glass rather than for the build...

How to judge whether the glass type contains lead

1, look at the logo: lead-free glass generally contains potassium, mostly high-end crafts and has a logo on the outer packaging; and lead-containing g...

Advantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall

  1, the advantages of glass curtain wall   Glass curtain wall building aesthetics, function, building energy efficiency and structural fact...

Glass real estate investment growth - demand expectations optimistic

[Spot]: Delivery factory 5mm white glass price reference: Hebei safety 1459, Hebei Dejin 1384, Hebei Yingxin 1430, Hebei Great Wall 1384, Hebei Runan ...

The price of glass is rising

In the past July and August, the price of glass has been increased a lot in China. For the coming of "Busy Season", the so called "golden September an...
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Technical documentation

Release on2019-04-01
At the weekend, the domestic glass spot market showed a steady performance, and the manufacturers still focused on increasing the funds for returning ......Read More>>
Release on2019-03-13
1, sand valve broken sand Reason: It may be that the sand screen is not clean and there is debris mixed into the sand. Such as pebbles, pa......Read More>>
Release on2019-02-19
[Furning glass of the vessel] Glassware products have traditionally been blown by hand-melting, especially for export products, and are st......Read More>>
Release on2019-01-03
Glass greenhouses are expensive to construct compared to other greenhouses and are suitable for use in large-scale ecotourism parks. The glass greenho......Read More>>
Release on2018-11-30
Glass is recognized worldwide as a safe, excellent food packaging container and material. As of 2017, China's glass main business income was 164.72 bi......Read More>>
Release on2018-11-26
Atomized glass can also be called dimming glass, which can be controlled by voltage control between the scattering state and the transmissive state. T......Read More>>
Release on2018-09-28
Some friends who are more concerned about the glass industry may often hear people mention high-speed wire window glass UV protection. We often come i......Read More>>
Release on2018-09-26
In recent years, people's living standards have increased rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on the performance of glass materials. In ......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-27
Because of its wide variety, glass can be used in a variety of applications, so it has a bright future and has always been loved by consumers. When we......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-22
The composition of the mobile phone glass is not much different from that of ordinary glass, except that the content of the glass silica of the mobile......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-16
Market review: Glass main FG1901 contract closed at 1,464, up 22 yuan or 1.53%, turnover 403,366 lots, an increase of 243,084 lots, holding 248,706 lo......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-15
Everyone knows that the bottom of the wine bottle is recessed. Does it have any effect on this recess? Why is it recessed under the bottle? What are t......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-15
LOW-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is an energy-saving glass. Due to its superior energy-saving and colorful colors, it is a beautiful l......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-13
With the advent of float glass technology, it is possible to produce high-quality glass with uniform uniformity in large quantities, and at the same t......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-13
Glass has been widely used in modern times and has always been a product with a large market demand. By using specific treatment methods, we can make ......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-09
You know what a glass canopy is. What kind of glass is good? If you don't know, let's take a look! 1. What is a glass canopy? ......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-09
At present, there are many kinds of high-temperature glass, and the thickness of each glass can be produced differently, and will be introduced one by......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-07
Do you know the processing temperature of glass ink? Don't know, let's take a look! 1, high temperature glass ink, also known as high temperatur......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-07
In addition to tempered glass, there are many special glass materials that play an important role in our lives. With the development of the mode......Read More>>
Release on2018-08-06
This weekglassThe overall trend of the spot market is still acceptable. From the regional perspective, the northern region is better than the southern......Read More>>
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