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Technical documentation

Insulating glass production process
Release on 2018-09-28Some friends who are more concerned about the glass industry may often hear people mention high-speed wire window glass UV protection. We often come i...Read More
How is the curved glass made?
Release on 2018-09-26In recent years, people's living standards have increased rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on the performance of glass materials. In ...Read More
What kind of marble and glass are the coffee table?
Release on 2018-08-27Because of its wide variety, glass can be used in a variety of applications, so it has a bright future and has always been loved by consumers. When we...Read More
What is the difference between a cell phone's glass screen and ordinary glass?
Release on 2018-08-22The composition of the mobile phone glass is not much different from that of ordinary glass, except that the content of the glass silica of the mobile...Read More
Glass futures price is strong in the short-term
Release on 2018-08-16Market review: Glass main FG1901 contract closed at 1,464, up 22 yuan or 1.53%, turnover 403,366 lots, an increase of 243,084 lots, holding 248,706 lo...Read More
What is the role of the bottom of the glass bottle?
Release on 2018-08-15Everyone knows that the bottom of the wine bottle is recessed. Does it have any effect on this recess? Why is it recessed under the bottle? What are t...Read More
How to choose the color of the Low-e glass
Release on 2018-08-15LOW-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is an energy-saving glass. Due to its superior energy-saving and colorful colors, it is a beautiful l...Read More
How much is a frosted glass?
Release on 2018-08-13Glass has been widely used in modern times and has always been a product with a large market demand. By using specific treatment methods, we can make ...Read More
What are the methods of fixing the glass to the wall?
Release on 2018-08-13With the advent of float glass technology, it is possible to produce high-quality glass with uniform uniformity in large quantities, and at the same t...Read More
Sunlight glass canopy
Release on 2018-08-09You know what a glass canopy is. What kind of glass is good? If you don't know, let's take a look! 1. What is a glass canopy? ...Read More
What are the existing thicknesses of high temperature glass?
Release on 2018-08-09At present, there are many kinds of high-temperature glass, and the thickness of each glass can be produced differently, and will be introduced one by...Read More
How much do you know about all kinds of glass in your life?
Release on 2018-08-07In addition to tempered glass, there are many special glass materials that play an important role in our lives. With the development of the mode...Read More
What is the processing temperature of glass ink?
Release on 2018-08-07Do you know the processing temperature of glass ink? Don't know, let's take a look! 1, high temperature glass ink, also known as high temperatur...Read More
Is it really better for the northern region to see the northern region from the region?
Release on 2018-08-06This weekglassThe overall trend of the spot market is still acceptable. From the regional perspective, the northern region is better than the southern...Read More
Glass strengthening furnace common problems and solutions
Release on 2018-08-02(1) Bubble phenomenon: 1 The surface of the glass is not flat: especially tempered glass. Solution: Increase the film thickness. 2 film th...Read More
Production control of pneumatic insulating glass
Release on 2018-08-02The production process control concept of the inflated insulating glass is to analyze, diagnose and monitor the operation technology and production pr...Read More
What factors need to be considered when installing tempered glass partitions
Release on 2018-08-01Tempered glass is a special kind of glass that resists shattering into jagged pieces. Tempered glass has many safety features and is suitable for all ...Read More
The choice of building sealant? do you know?
Release on 2018-08-01With the continuous updating of construction technology, the choice of building sealant is becoming more and more important. Among them, it is particu...Read More
Glass building: help you imagine your power
Release on 2018-07-31I remember that in the film "Captain America", Howard Stark, one of the core scientists of the Super Soldiers program, showed a flying car in the labo...Read More
How to educe the glass and what to pay attention to
Release on 2018-07-311. Precautions when using glass straight line edging machine: Straight line edging machine (straight edge machine, round edge machine, beveling ...Read More