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Insulating glass production process and points
Release on 2019-05-17Some friends who are concerned about the glass industry may often hear people mention insulating glass. We often come across all kinds of glass materi...Read More
How to tell if it is tempered glass
Release on 2019-05-14along withFloat glassWith the advent of technology, it is possible to manufacture high-quality glass with uniform uniformity in large quantities, and ...Read More
Glass material production process
Release on 2019-05-14I believe that everyone will be exposed to various glass products every day, such as glass, glass doors, glass windows and so on. Although we often co...Read More
Learn about the life of the glass
Release on 2019-05-10Usually only two conditions affect the life of the door and window glass, humid air and high temperature. Persistent moist air can cause mildew in the...Read More
Rough edges and fine edges of glass
Release on 2019-05-08Glass fine grinding: Fine grinding edge is also called fine grinding edge. It is usually done by large and medium-sized glass edger. It is gradually r...Read More
Why do you want to put kerosene in glass cutter?
Release on 2019-04-30Kerosene increases the surface tension of the glass, does not blast, and the cut surface is smooth. If you use a glass knife, it is not rubbed.glassOn...Read More
What glass is easier to melt
Release on 2019-04-29A: The melting temperature of general silicon-containing metal oxide glass (bottle glass, flat glass, instrument glass, etc.) is above 1400 degrees Ce...Read More
Causes and countermeasures of glass breakage in tempering furnace
Release on 2019-04-28Reason 1: There is a quality problem with the original glass, and a glass that is not well-annealed or a glass that has a large amount of air bubbles ...Read More
Application of Laser Thickness Measurement Technology in Production of Liquid Crystal Glass Substrat
Release on 2019-04-25The liquid crystal glass substrate has strict quality control requirements and high equipment precision requirements. The traditional contact type thi...Read More
Solar photovoltaic glass application
Release on 2019-04-24Solar photovoltaic glass is a special glass that is laminated to a solar cell and can generate electricity using solar radiation and has associated cu...Read More
Float glass capacity utilization and inventory days on April 12
Release on 2019-04-19On April 12, 2019, the utilization rate of glass capacity was 69.87%; the chain rose by 0.15% last week, up by -0.67% compared with last year; the uti...Read More
6 major considerations for bathroom glass partitions
Release on 2019-04-17The bathroom is a place that we often use in our daily life. It is also an indispensable place in the home, so it is not sloppy in the bathroom decora...Read More
Those causes the condensation of glass doors and windows
Release on 2019-04-04In the past, the problems of condensation on doors, windows and curtain walls in cold areas have been slowly attacked by the extreme weather and the p...Read More
Soda market trend
Release on 2019-04-02On the whole, the overall operation of the soda ash market in the late stage is relatively strong. The main rising resistance is: 1. There are fewer m...Read More
Main features of insulating glass composite strip
Release on 2019-04-01The main components of the insulating glass composite strip are polyisobutylene and butyl rubber. Because the internal structure already contains desi...Read More
Glass partition wall installation method
Release on 2019-03-25Step 1: Elastic line. According to the floor design elevation line, the height of the wall is high to the ceiling design elevation, the vertical eleva...Read More
Our main and hot products
Release on 2016-10-28Today, we recommend our main and hot products to you: 1. Mirror. silver mirror, copper-free and lead-free silver mirror1) Color: clear, bronze, grey;2...Read More
Where there is mirror, there is Fanyu
Release on 2016-10-27Where there is mirror, there is Fanyu. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier for the world famous brand of mirror and glass products. With more...Read More
New product, tempered glass mirror, safety mirror
Release on 2016-10-26Today, we recommend new product, tempered glass mirror, safety mirror to you. The raw materials of this kind of mirror are top quality clear float gla...Read More
We, China best mirror glass manufacturers and suppliers
Release on 2016-10-14We, China best mirror glass manufacturers and suppliers. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier for the world famous brand of mirror and glass p...Read More