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How many glasses do you want to know?

  Glass Common sense:    A weight box of glass is about 50 kg heavy and 1 tons of glass is 20 weight boxes.    The proportion of glass is: 2...

Causes and Solutions of Rainbow Ripples in Glass

According to a friend's reflection, rainbow spots appeared in the sun room that was installed soon. How can this be good? The Everyone lov...

How to distinguish between silver mirror and aluminum mirror?

Aluminum mirrors are also known as aluminized mirrors, aluminum mirrors, glass mirrors, mirror glass, mirror glass. The high-reflection aluminum mirro...

Tempered glass analysis of the common problems and solutions

Tempered glass of appearance quality problem has many performance form, we according to its appeared in production process in the stage of different, ...

Why do you want to put kerosene in glass cutter?

Kerosene increases the surface tension of the glass, does not blast, and the cut surface is smooth. If you use a glass knife, it is not rubbed.glassOn...

The difference between float glass and white glass

  Glass is indispensable in the decoration, one of the most basic is the doors and Windows, there are many kinds of glass, glass, art glass,Tempered...

Definition of privacy Glass

Many people see the name of privacy glass when the heart will silently OS: "What is this ghost?" In fact, the rear side of the privacy glass, refers t...

What is the difference between laminated glass PVB and SGP?

Early laminated glass generally used laminated glass produced by PVB film; since PVB film was developed for automotive glass rather than for the build...

Advantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall

  1, the advantages of glass curtain wall   Glass curtain wall building aesthetics, function, building energy efficiency and structural fact...

Method for replacing glass in glass curtain wall

The glass is mainly divided into two major categories: flat glass and deep-processed glass. Among them, there are three main types of flat glass: the ...
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Company News

Release on2020-03-30
Good news! Our factory, Weifang Yujing Glass Science Technology Co., Ltd passed the new&en......Read More>>
Release on2024-04-12
...Read More>>
Release on2023-04-24
Goods news, as the business develop, this year we buy the 3rd Aluminum mirror production line! Now this line is in installing, it will be ready on thi......Read More>>
Release on2023-04-24
2023 China Glass Show in Shanghai Time: May 6-9th Booth NO.: N1-567 Wecome to visit us! Main goods: The mirror series products mainly include copper-f......Read More>>
Release on2020-05-13
Good news: As information of our factory, we will help to produce another new aluminum mirror in our workshop recently. The mirror production capacity......Read More>>
Release on2020-04-01
Today is April 1st, the beautiful April is coming, Hope all is well. The weather&ensp......Read More>>
Release on2017-09-29
Dear Hong Xiang Pan-woo Trading Co., Ltd. Customers:    Hello    On the occasion of the National Day, the Mid-autumn festival, according to th......Read More>>
Release on2017-09-07
Dear Sir/Madam, We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth of the following exhibitions: Name of Exhibition: ......Read More>>
Release on2017-05-22
The 28th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2017) Location of Booth: China International Exhibition Center(new ven......Read More>>
Release on2017-03-29
  March 25, 2017-30th, Ethiopian customers to visit, view the progress Ethiopia UPVC profiles and metal parts production to discuss cooperation matt......Read More>>
Release on2017-03-24
  Recalls this week learning about life and feeling is still very deep, harvest is very profitable.   Mirror of our company has a profession......Read More>>
Release on2017-03-22
  After a week of plant study, I have a deep understanding of our company's products. From raw materials to production processes, packaging and then......Read More>>
Release on2017-03-21
  Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, through the factory a week internship, I learned that a lot of common sense, also has been on th......Read More>>
Release on2017-01-20
Pan Yu Trade wish you a happy New Year! The annual Lunar New Year is coming soon, this year along with the winter and haze, pro hard. In the new year ......Read More>>
Release on2016-12-23
  "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells ... ..." sweet singing in the Mall, Herald the Christmas of 2016 footsteps getting closer, in the year 2......Read More>>
Release on2016-12-12
  Our India office, Yujing India Pvt Ltd, attended the Doors & windows and Glass Technology Expo 2016 in New Delhi, India from December 9 to 11, 201......Read More>>
Release on2016-11-21
Mr Singh came to visit our factory, Weifang Yujing Glass Science & Technology Co., Ltd on Nov 18-20. He focused on the tempered glass and the product......Read More>>
Release on2016-11-14
November 10, 2016 to 12th, Turkey during the international exhibition of chemical industry, stone led managers to participate in my company, to negoti......Read More>>
Release on2016-11-02
Company to be held on November 10, 2016 to 12th to attend Turkey international chemical industry exhibition, welcomed the visit. Time: Nov 10-12. Boot......Read More>>
Release on2016-10-25
The General Manager, Ms Yang and the sales of mirror glass team attent the 27th China Glass 2016 on April 11-14 in Shanghai.During the Fair, about 60 ......Read More>>
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