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Application method of warm edge spacer in insulating glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-10-18
   Insulating GlassEnergy-saving effect is far better than single-layer glass, affecting the insulating effect of insulating glass three elements of thermal radiation, thermal convection and heat conduction, the heat radiation is the largest, therefore, to improve the energy-saving role of insulating glass, must first grasp the main contradiction, if not in these three aspects together, then, it is necessary to choose the first low radiation glass, Second, consider filling the inert gas and warm edge spacer. In addition, we use different materials to equip insulating glass, the role of substitution must be improved from the whole, more can not appear to replace the conflict between the data, the role of each other to counteract the phenomenon, then, the selection of insulating glass materials, should consider the life of the hollow glass and windows to match the service life, Also need to be satisfied with the cost-effective products, the use of wide-scale, easy to implement.
On the basis of ensuring the basic function of the existing insulating glass, the overall function is improved, rather than the loss of other necessary functions for the purpose of acquiring some function, at present, the warm side of the use mainly contains, extruded PVC distance bar, silicone (or EPDM) spacer, Stainless Steel spacer strip (0. $number, 0.13-0.15mm wall thickness, steel composition spacer, U-shaped steel spacer, compound rubber strip and break-heat spacer, in which, some warm edges of the cold side of aluminum spacer can reduce the edge of the hollow glass condensation phenomenon, but it is to reduce the sealing life of insulating glass at the cost While Granville Heat insulation bar is the UPVC (medical improvement level) and stainless steel (edible grade) perfect combination, in order to achieve perfect air tightness at the same time achieved a more excellent insulation performance!
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