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Bidding for breathable glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-12-27
Whether it's a job or a home life, we all seem to have had this experience and confusion: go home, open the door of the house is a strange smell! And the morning when you get up and open the door can also obviously feel the indoor smell. Many of our friends like to keep some flowers and flowers at home, but almost everyone complains that the flowers are good but not easy to keep. Also, the house is very dusty.
In life, glass for us to be familiar with, but the lighting is good but not breathable, heat dissipation fast insulation, and fragile.
However, in a visit to Dr. Modan of the Institute of Modern Physics of CAs, the author learned thatGlassIt's breathable! The use of heavy ion accelerator precision positioning radiation technology openings of breathable glass, the realization of the traditional glass and King Kong Network of major changes, fundamentally solve the traditional glass is not breathable, fragile, poor insulation, high ventilation, dust, pollution, close the window like breathing. Its unique black technology graphene coating formula, thermal insulation, sound insulation, self-cleaning, high strength, anti-aging, can effectively replace the King Kong High fall, 30 years does not yellow not brittle change, windproof, rain-proof, easy to clean and maintenance.
Breathable glass in the performance of thermal insulation at the same time, Tongji University thermal Engineering laboratory Professor Chen's systematic testing and verification, in the face of the benefits of the people's livelihood performance of innovative new technology and new materials, Professor Chen in the subsequent return visit immediately said that the thermal conductivity of breathable glass is much smaller than glass, the material, technology has a broad application market, It's going to be a big deal.
   We all know that indoor harmful gas damage to the human body is no less than haze
More than 80% of our lives will be spent indoors, however, in order to meet the needs of building energy efficiency, the room's airtight and less open windows, do not open windows, reduce air-conditioning ventilation times, reduced to our pursuit of energy-saving important indicators and measures.
Indoor air is not circulating, resulting in furniture, building materials, human body, such as the continued release of harmful gas concentrations continue to increase, bacteria, viruses and a variety of microorganisms to accelerate the breeding, resulting in frequent chest tightness, drowsiness, headaches, sore throat, cough, balance imbalance, dry skin, erythema and other symptoms, These pathological reactions have been widely known in the medical field as "Morbid building syndrome" or "office syndrome".
Safe, clean air is one of the necessary conditions for our survival, in our living space, the air directly involved in human metabolism and regulate body temperature processes, and our healthy life is closely related. 1 people breathe air about 10,000 liters per day, the equivalent quality of about 12.9kg, is our daily needs of food and water consumption 10 times times.
When we experienced the "soot pollution" caused by the industrial revolution, we are suffering from "light pollution, chemical smoke pollution", we are just acutely aware that modern people have been immersed in the "indoor air pollution" as the symbol of the third time of pollution. As we all know, indoor air pollutants are mainly from interior decorating materials, paints, paints, glues, furniture, modern office equipment and our exhaled carbon dioxide. When the indoor carbon dioxide concentration increases, the oxygen concentration will drop, resulting in the human body metabolism is not complete, the body is often in the sub metabolic State. Notably, 1 adults exhale more than 20 litres of carbon dioxide per hour, and the indirect long-term damage caused by carbon dioxide is not negligible.
   Breathable, dustproof, anti-pollution:
Breathable glass using heavy ion accelerator precision positioning irradiation technology open hole, close the window can also be ventilated; the moderate aperture not only guarantees good air permeability, but also effectively blocks outdoor pollen, catkins, particulate matter, mosquitoes and other harmful substances, efficient exchange of indoor and outdoor gases, to ensure the freshness of indoor air. Effectively reduce the concentration of indoor harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC and carbon dioxide and the transmission rate of epidemic virus in people-intensive places. The indoor and outdoor air convection Exchange provides adequate oxygen supply and health environment protection for the metabolism of life body.
   Good lighting, high strength, anti-aging:
Breathable glass light transmittance, high mechanical strength, with good daylighting, impact resistance and anti-aging performance, in part of the application site can replace the King Kong Network, effectively prevent high-rise crash and other indoor impact behavior, protect users personal safety, significantly reduce the cost of use.
   Thermal insulation, sound insulation, self-cleaning:
Breathable Glass unique black technology graphene coating formula (some models), high surface hardness, low impedance, with good heat dissipation and anti-static properties. Unique conical micro-pore structure, forming good reflection and eddy effect, effectively blocking infrared, acoustic transmission and dust adsorption, making "open the air conditioner open the window, sleep at night not close the window!" This behavior becomes a reality. Daily use convenient, easy to clean and maintenance.
   Wind and Rain protection:
Under the dynamic conditions, when the gravity of the rain is less than the tension formed by the surface of the micro-pore, the rain will slip and pass through the pores, thus ensuring the drying of the indoor environment. At the same time, under natural conditions, wind is used for objects in different ways, when the wind blows to the breathable glass, its dense and subtle conical microporous hole wall creates certain conditions for the reflection of the wind, and then forms a complex reflection wind on the surface of the membrane, which offsets or blocks each other, thus achieving the role of windproof.
   Attachment: Basic parameters of breathable glass
Ventilation Capacity: ≥4200l/c㎡/min/bar
Impact Strength: ≥160kg/㎡
Heat conduction rate: ≤0.2W/M.K
Weather resistance: ≥ 30
Transmittance: ≥90%
Flame Retardant Grade: VTM-2 Grade
Surface hardness: ≥2.5h
Surface Resistance: ≤109 Ohm
Applicable temperature: -70℃~180℃
Thickness: 0.18mm~2mm