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Blowing Technology in glass art

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-16
  Blowing technology is the use ofGlassIn a certain temperature range with the characteristics of plasticity, the use of hollow steel bar from the furnace to pick out the glass, a people blowing at one end, the other end of the glass is blown into spherical. At this time can be used by scissors, molds and other tools to mold. Blowing operations usually require several people to collaborate.

  As the oldest and most basic glass manufacturing technology, blowing technology in the in the 1960 of the 20th century American artists set off a new wave, the most striking field of the time, the exploration and excavation of this technology even hindered the invention and expansion of other technologies. Marvin Liposki (MarvinLipofsky) and Dale Chihuli (DaleChihuli) not only dominate the blowing technology of this period, but also always take it as the main creative technique. Dale Chihuli is an important figure in the modern American glass art world. 1941, he was born in Washington, D.C., who was a Littleton student. His work is fresh and easy to produce an image of the Lenovo. The soft curves, colorful colors, subtle changes in the size of a large piece of work give a person a soft feeling. As if the breeze blowing can change the physique, which makes the glass material cold, hard characteristics no longer seen, showing only its glittering and translucent side. Through the transparency of glass to show the modern sense of work, he will blow technology to a higher realm.

  The difference between Chihuli and the way he works. 1976, he was blinded by an accident and deprived him of the foreman's work, but he did not give up, still with blowing technology to accomplish his own creations. He led 8 to 10 people in his studio in Seattle, directing, observing, advising, and grasping the style of their works. Many people are working with Dell, accumulating work experience, and becoming an independent artist several years later. Chihuli and his creative team are an irreplaceable part of the American Studio Glass movement. The miracle that Glass creates here, and the way Chihuli works, has a great impact on how people know and make glass.

  Sonia Broda (SoniaBlomdahl) The use of blowing technology to produce utensils not only have practical functions, but also her heart of the complete, balanced symbol. She transformed the process of combining two colours into an art.

  Although blowing technology can reflect the distinctive individuality, but to a large extent rely on contingency, limitations are quite obvious. As a result, more artists shifted their attention to the combination of blowing technology and other technologies.