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China officially became the 8th country with large-scale photothermal power plants

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-07-25
Recently, China's commercial 50MW trough-type photothermal power station - China Guangdong Nuclear Power Delingha Thermal Power Station was successfully connected to the grid, thus filling the gap in China's large-scale trough photothermal power generation technology, making China officially the eighth A country with a large-scale solar thermal power station.

According to reports, eight main equipments such as steam generation system preheater, superheater, reheater and evaporator designed and manufactured by Harbin Electric Group Harbin Steam Turbine Works Co., Ltd. are stable in operation and excellent in performance. Design and manufacture of large-scale commercial thermal power plant evaporation system heat transfer equipment.

The Delingha generator set was successfully connected to the grid, which verified that the heat and heat equipment of the solar thermal power station designed and manufactured by Harbin Steam Turbine was completely safe and reliable. The excellent indexes of heat exchangers represent that Chinese enterprises have truly broken through the foreign know-how in this field, and the photothermal heat exchanger equipment design technology and system design optimization technology have reached the international level.

It is reported that the formal commissioning of the steam generation system heat exchanger of the Delingha project has further enhanced the visibility and influence of the Harbin Steam Turbine in this field, adjusting the industrial structure, optimizing the industrial layout, promoting industrial upgrading and accelerating the cultivation. The new kinetic energy of the industry has provided strong support.