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Clever use of mirrors, small room

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-17

Small apartment becomes more and more people are choosing, so home residential area was not very spacious, enough light. So there room for a larger method? may wish to try this trick when decorating – glass mirror. Use mirror to beautify the room, using mirror feature can make the room more visually beautiful and comfortable.

Glass mirror can be divided into categories, there are two main types: Silver mirror andAluminium light mirror。 Silver mirror is produced by using silver nitrate chemical reactions, it has the advantages of high reflectivity, but because the coating thin, unstable, prone to flooding in a damp environment, affecting life. Aluminum light microscope using physical methods of vacuum aluminum plating, so the mirror reflectivity than silver mirror a little lower, but the feeling is not obvious to the naked eye, combined with more advanced manufacturing process, stability is better.

Mirror decorative application to family in the is has about of, so General should how will mirror decorative application home in the does? we in here discussion discussion, living room if has placed sofa, can bold selection 10cmx10cm or 20cmx20cm standard lenses, according to bedroom of different light, selection blue tablets or brown tablets, like glaze brick as paste in sofa above of wall surface Shang, formed a glass mirror curtain wall. If the wall is too lenient, also use sticky notes, color paper, cut into a variety of new and lively patterns, posted on the mirror, rich layering of the wall. In order to make the wall decoration more icing, the mirror can also be processed, such as grinding, sanding, carving, decorated with inlay, collage, embedded, and other means. In the refracted light, the entire room as the "Crystal Palace"-like translucent.

Modified into both modern and classic embroidery screen without losing the charm of wired glass screens, making the entire space revealed was soft and fresh Japanese feelings.

Outside of wall decoration, glass mirror, can also be installed in furniture, glass mirror installed on the home have become very common now ornament many furniture and large, special-shaped glass and mirror, have accounted for 2/3 of the overall decorative surface, broke the furniture boring, rigid pattern. This patchwork mirror covering doors, cabinets above, will make room to expand the depth and space. Outdoor color reflecting in the mirror, like a picture at any time in response to changing landscapes, breathtaking. Small apartment can pretend to be sophisticated, can also pretend the atmosphere.