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Clever use of stained glass in the bathroom

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-08

Stained glass due to its easy maintenance, in Europe as the main material of bathroom wall. After installing stained glass, bathroom becomes more clear, and easy to clean. Just take a damp cloth wipe surface immediately clean as new.

Clean, toilets visually more important than the actual clean. Stained glass can create a feeling of calm and clean atmosphere. It can be maintained by reflecting light and bright, has a unique glass reflection effect. Compared to other materials, stained glass can make the bathroom look more luxurious, and granite, marble and other materials compared favourably.

It is well known that Japan population density, land shortage, their designers have begun to study how to incorporate glass into the design to. They found the stained glass and mirror-phase can make a small space seem spacious lots. Stained glass light refraction can make the room brighter and spacious.

Stained glassAnother major feature is its size and its maximum size can be achieved 3048*2134mm. Great advantage is that it can reduce other splice technology, styles can be more diversified.

Stained glass color can make the bathroom there is a fantastic feeling, each color has a different feel. Black and white are the most common mix, it can present a clean, calm and clean atmosphere. Other colors can be different degrees of reflected light, give different sensations.

Stained glass in applications above the toilet, making it personalized to toilet.

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