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Discussion on maintenance of aluminum veneer curtain wall

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-10-20
   Talking about the maintenance of aluminum veneer curtain wall, how should the aluminum veneer curtain wall be maintained during use?
(1) Aluminum veneer curtain wall in the warranty period by the Supplier organization regular inspection, return visit, found that the quality of the hidden dangers in a timely manner.
(2) plastic strip and glue at any time to check, such as the discovery of aluminum veneer curtain wall fall off or damage timely replacement or repair.
(3) Regular cleaning with a window washer.
(4) aluminum veneer wall surface repair: Local damage or scratches used to repair paint.
At present, the majority of domestic use is domestic silicone rubber and imported silicone rubber, and must pass the national designated testing units for compatibility test before use.
Aluminum veneer curtain wall maintenance, attention to repair must wait until completely cured (24h) again. Repair the damage should be cleaned up, and more than 2/3 length.
form and characteristics of aluminum curtain wall 1. A bolt connection is used between the column and the main structure to eliminate the negative effect of the construction error of the main structure through three-dimensional adjustment. 2. The column adopts galvanized square steel pipe, and has strong bending resistance and torsional ability to meet the needs of the Oita curtain wall. 3. Strong ability of transmitting power and ability of resisting crossbeam torsion; 4. The block is connected with the skeleton through the fixed-distance pressure block, so that the plate and the skeleton are connected in an active state to ensure that the plate has good deformation performance; 5, the aluminum plate and the connecting angle code are connected by stainless steel bolts, which is firm and reliable; 6. Aluminum alloy connection between the angle code and the keel to create a rubber cushion, to avoid the process of noise during the deformation, while preventing the electrochemical corrosion between the bimetal. 8, with good seismic resistance, safety, and construction convenience. 9, the use of bolt connection system, can effectively avoid the site on the large area of welding galvanized steel anti-corrosion surface layer damage, but also improve the installation accuracy and installation speed.
   Discussion on the maintenance of aluminum veneer curtain wall and precautions for the use of aluminum veneer processing:
1, storage: The plate should be stored in the dry and ventilated place, and flat on the flat surface, do not trample, impact.
2, Handling: the plate should be carried on the four sides of the board at the same time, prohibit push pull, extract, so as not to scratch the plate surface.
3, slotting: Slotting machine or gongs machine slotting, should use a semicircle head more than 90 degrees of milling cutter. Do not cross the deep wound and aluminum veneer, not too shallow to make the hem difficult, should leave 0.2-0.3MM thick plastic core material together with aluminum veneer bending edge, to increase strength and toughness, otherwise at the bending edge of the aluminum veneer may break or paint film burst.