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Do you know what a hollow glass is?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-09-20
  Insulating Glassis to block over two pieces of flat glass with aluminum hollow edges, with cementation or welding seal, the middle forms the free space, and is filled with the dry air, has the heat insulation, the sound insulation, the frost-proof, the dew-proof and so on good performance, is the modern indispensable door and window component, is also the emerging transparent wall material. China began to develop insulating glass in 1966, and by 1981 it was able to produce insulating glass with a normal use of zero-minus 0C to zero-minus 0C. After 1983, Glass enterprises and doors and windows enterprises from Belgium, Austria, Germany and other imported hollow glass units, production capacity gradually expanded. According to incomplete statistics, the country's existing introduction of equipment (based on the host) 70 units, production capacity of 10 million square meters (production), domestic equipment 80 units, production capacity of 5 million square meters (production), hand-made more than 500, production. Total 15 million sqm/year. 1997, the actual production of hollow glass is 959,800 square meters. At present, the building energy-saving has aroused widespread attention, the state departments and some local governments have promulgated the building energy-saving policies and regulations. The thermal insulation of building doors and windows is an important part of building energy saving, so the future use of insulating glass will be more and more extensive.
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