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Glass can also be CNC machining, you know?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-17
  Now a lot of glass processing enterprises have been NC, first of all, according to the CAD drawing for glass sizes to be processed. Due to placement of glass processing and glass must be consistent when drawing, drawing of the glass shall be the left corner as the origin. Painted a good picture by special software available from the CAD drawing to the processing procedure.

  GlassProcessing compared to metal processing, process a lot simpler, no machining complex. With the popularization of mechanized processing of flat glass, China will have a bigger market to develop, although the speed and scale of China\'s glass industry development the highest in the world, but mostly in the area of middle and low technology and low added value. Now manufacturing in China needed sophisticated, complex machinery and accessories, is the core competitiveness of the products of the future fight.

  In the CNC glass processing equipment must be carried out before correcting back to zero, check whether the pressure to meet the equipment requirements. CNC glass processing notes:

  1, the use of new tools, we have the reset tool code;

  Finished size 2, processing errors, and may be due to tool wear caused by amend for their parameters;

  3, when the tool is selected, note the feed mode and direction so as not to break the glass;

  4, processing, but not too close to the work area, so as not to encounter light reserve and caused crashes;

  At present, the CNC machining center mainly used in furniture, glass and automotive glass, and architectural glass is relatively small. However, with the improvement of appearance quality of architectural glass, CNC machining centers are also on the increase, mainly used in the exposed corner chamfer processing, special edge processing and so on.