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Glass decorations are everywhere.

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Release on:2018-01-26
Glass partition, glass background wall, glass brick ... Glass material items at home can be seen everywhere, these colorful glass has played a separate space, increasing the role of lighting, but also to bring home the crystal clear feeling, Make your home beautiful and chic. There are many different styles of art glass now on the market, but different art glass is suitable for different space in the home, and it is more important to consider the safety factor when using glass. The use of location is fastidious.
The decoration of partition, screen, TV background wall, Xuan Guan, shower room, door core and so on can use glass. Glass has three characteristics of reflection, absorption and transmission, and also has high chemical stability, acid and corrosion resistance. In the room to play a division of space, adjust lighting, heat preservation and energy saving, enhance artistic effect, decorative façade and many other functions.
Glass in the shape and production process on a variety of styles, different glass applications in different places. The embossing glass, which is made by calendering method, is characterized by opaque translucent light, which is used in the decoration area of toilet and so on, and plays the role of dividing space.
flat glass
The impact resistance of the Rings is used for villas and high-rise space, and mosaic glass processing fine, in the sound insulation, insulation performance is excellent, applicable to audio-visual room and other indoor space.
Embossed glass, stained glass and other art glass, with a concave-convex texture and lifelike color, widely used in ceilings, murals, screens, partitions, stair fences, doors and windows and other places. Glass bricks are used as partitions, can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, both to meet the requirements of lighting, but also to meet the privacy. Use more attention to safety
The use of glass in the home also need to pay attention to safety, glass brick partitions around the box or with the wall connection, and 5 cm thick glass wall to be framed. In addition to the wooden door on the glass to consider the use of ordinary glass, other places are recommended to use tempered glasses, and partitions are done with the box to fix, otherwise easy deformation; it is recommended to make the glass-coated angle foil treatment, "otherwise hit the corner, even if theGlassIt's easy to break up, it's not safe.
Art Glass is used for color matching or complementary, play the role of light space, coupled with the glass of the material itself to cool, crisp feeling, it is recommended at home just play the role of embellishment. But if the owner is very fond of glass material, can also be appropriate to consider the use of large areas of art glass, but the use of large areas to consider the owner's preferences and room pattern needs. If you have children in your home, do not use separate glass partitions for box handling.
Friendly Tips
1, in the transport process, must pay attention to the fixed and soft pads, the vehicle should also pay attention to maintain a stable and medium slow speed, to prevent damage to the glass.
2, the use of glass with the entire design style of the home decoration, such as stained glass generally used in European, French style of home furnishings, and transparent glass is more modern style of home furnishings used more.
3, try to avoid in the place where there is direct sunlight, because the glass is strong reflection, bad for the body.
4, the use of glass places to pay attention to ensure privacy, consider a good glass supporting facilities, such as sand curtains, stickers and other shielding objects.
5, if there are old people and children in the home, it is recommended that the middle of the glass wall affixed with decorative strips or foil, to prevent the elderly or children hit the glass wall or door, resulting in injury.