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Glass installation considerations

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-06
   Glass is fragile in the impression, some sharp glass, wounding easier handling during installation, which requires safety precautions in handling the installation process, so protect yourself, protect others. Small series from the following below to talk to glass installation notes in the process.
  1, cut glass, at designated places in and out, cut the leftover should focus stacking and handling, handling glass to wear gloves.
  2, high installationGlass, Smooth glass should be placed properly, prohibited by or under the vertical operation, install roof lighting glass, should be putting up scaffolding platforms or take other security measures.
  3, the installation of glass instruments, be placed in the tool bag, operations against the small hammer, iron cards in your mouth or any throwing.
  4, the installation of door and window glass, to check before you install door and window hinge is solid, the order of operations should be carried out from top to bottom, glass is about to shut doors and Windows after the installation.
  5, the installation of roof and window glass, should lay the scaffold, set up the protection area, closed to lower personnel traffic and travel, and fasten your seat belts, no pedal step on the window frame operation.
  6, when handling large size glass, wooden tray or special tools must be used, so as not to rupture in the transportation of people.
  7, glass drilling, bottom of the table should be flat pad solid drill bits must be securely, no shaking, drilling and grinding to light.
  8, glass grinding Groove grinding wheel machine over prison, grinding when turning arc shall not be greater than the circumference of the 1/4, speed should slow, not too fast.