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Glass mosaic impact Bathroom space

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrom 2017-05-19 11:42:18
  The bathroom is a close contact with the water space, in the choice of floor paving material when you have to bear in mind waterproof, mildew, non-slip, easy to dry, easy to clean the purpose. In our traditional vision, tiles and red pottery is the most commonly used ground materials, but now is the era of full personality, any single color and material can not be long-term eminence, so, we found in the market these beautiful new materials, is quietly blooming attractive cls.

  Mosaic with its rich color, three-dimensional beautiful pattern, highlighting the extraordinary taste, giving people a strong sense of beauty and visual impact, has become the current home designer's favorite. This year the market on the sale of a variety of mosaic varieties: glass, natural stone, porcelain, glazed, metal, everything, color is more colorful, more crystal solid quality.

  And its greatest advantage is enough exquisite small, changeable patterns, there are infinitely many combinations of ways, can let designers with a free and easy posture with arbitrary, personalized.

  In the past, people used to stick a large white or other monochrome tile in the bathroom, and the use of mosaic method to decorate, you can activate the atmosphere of the bathroom space, in the vision can also achieve the effect of dividing space. Mosaic Exquisite, changeful stature, compared with large tile can better adapt to different paving space. For irregular bathrooms on the ground or around the corner, glass mosaic to give full play to the small figure of the specialty, can be the irregular bread cover smooth and complete. If a mosaic curve runs through several rooms, the interior has a feeling of flowing like a stream.

   GlassMosaic extremely artistic plasticity, and material environmental protection, suitable as the floor material of the bathroom. But note that, due to the need to take into account the non-slip bathroom requirements, we must choose the surface through the fog surface treatment of mosaic, its warm touch and special non-slip design applicable to any hydrophilic space, and other materials with each other with a clean and clear visual effect. The mosaic, which is surface-treated, is only suitable for tiling on the wall.

  It is understood that the current market mosaic due to different materials price of dozens of yuan per square metre to thousands of yuan, especially FRP Mosaic, the price is generally 500 yuan per square meter to 1000 yuan. There is consumer reflection, because the price is high, can not take into account the large area of use, but a small range of embellishment can afford to spend.