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Glass sliding door to environmental requirements

fanyumaoyi 2017-04-14 10:55:41
  Sliding doors will you purchase and be done well? In fact, to the final installation should also be our hearts, glass sliding purchasing and installation are two of the very important parts, glass sliding doors installed when using it can affect everyone in the future, there will be some small problems, so the glass sliding door for the installation environment is required, the following small series to introduce.

  Glass sliding door with a lot of advantages in installing glass sliding door depending on the environment of different features and limitations. Glass sliding door panel planks can also be made of glass, special tricks, decoration is quite strong. But the glass sliding door although pretty has its limitations, cannot load bearing walls with glass sliding partition, only light wall demolition of the glass sliding doors. Decorations must be taken into account in a secondary position, reasonable space is paramount.

  BecauseGlassSliding rails are screwed on, so construction workers in advance for fixed rail on the floor, generally in several ways.

  1), such as the large-area ceiling, embedded in the ceiling of a board you want, so fixed on track.

  2), if the room is too high, for aesthetic reasons to do a hanging beam, install the top rail should be buried solid core of at least 90 mm wide, usually below 2400 mm glass sliding more comfortable vision.

  3), needs to be installed directly on the concrete roof rails, installer will embed up and screwed. Need a hint is that if the room is already decorated. This will make the room dirty.

  Glass sliding doors need available space to fit two people side by side through, which is half the width of the pass can go. Ergonomic requirement is the space of 800 mm in order to facilitate the movement of people, this requires that push the glass sliding doors in the side of every fan of 750 mm. Pass must be the width of 1.5 metres, Chinese is 1.8 meters in height, and when the height of the door when people will feel less than 1.95 m repressed. In addition, the glass sliding door tracks box also occupies space. Therefore, only width 2.1 meters above would only be appropriate to install glass sliding doors.

  Environment to facilitate installation, wood glass sliding doors are easy to shape, better attention in design when implementation and coordination of the whole House is decorated, and you can spot. Wooden door is not conducive to moistureproof, kitchen or bathroom area of less than 4 square meters when the indoor humidity is not easy to out, the water may be splashed on the door directly, should not be used, use only glass sliding doors.

  Balcony with partition of the bedroom best using aluminum glass sliding doors, its ruggedness and thermal insulation are better, to ensure safety and comfort. Meanwhile, frame supporting the use of glass in the Middle also has the best thermal insulation features, this glass sliding door installation, know it! Before installation be sure to take a look at it!