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Heilongjiang: Promoting the Application of Low-E Energy-saving Glass in Buildings

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-05-30
TheIn recent years, Heilongjiang Province has actively promoted green buildings, vigorously developed steel structures and fabricated buildings, and improved the standards and quality of construction projects. Since the beginning of 2018, the Department of Housing and Construction of Heilongjiang Province has further implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress, promoted supply-side structural reforms in construction and high-quality economic development, continued to improve the style of work to optimize the business environment, and paid attention to in-depth research at the grassroots level to visit energy-saving building materials companies. The difficulties existing in the enterprise help the company solve problems, help enterprises upgrade their energy-saving building materials, and promote the province's building energy efficiency and green building development.

ThePreviously, Yang Chunqing, head of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, clearly stated in the “Report on Housing and Urban-Rural Development in the Province and the Party’s Work Conference on Strict Management,” clearly pointing out that Heilongjiang Province will start legislative work on building energy efficiency and strengthen the entire process of building energy saving. Supervision and investigation of violations of mandatory energy conservation standards. The "65%+" energy-saving design standard for residential buildings in Heilongjiang Province was introduced, and the promotion of energy-saving standards for key parts such as buildings and doors and windows was promoted. Actively promote ultra-low energy building demonstration. Encourage cities and counties to continue to promote the energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings through the combination of transformation of old residential areas and decoration of facades. The “Heilongjiang Provincial Green Building Action Plan” was revised to promote the large-scale development of green buildings. Continue to increase the promotion and application of new wall materials and consolidate the "forbidden" results.

TheIt is understood that Heilongjiang Province is located in a severely cold area, heating period is as long as 180 days to 210 days, building energy consumption accounts for about 35% of total social energy consumption, higher than the national average. In recent years, Heilongjiang Province has strengthened government guidance, constantly mobilized the enthusiasm of all parties and adopted various measures to promote the long-term sustainable development of green buildings. Among them, the Heilongjiang Provincial Housing and Construction Department has made efforts to rectify and optimize the business environment and actively promote the practical application of energy-saving glass construction. It has become one of the important measures to promote green building work in Heilongjiang Province.
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