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Home renovations? Thickness of the glass door right?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-22
  If there is any home improvement, glass doors are installed in the bathroom as dry and wet the isolation of the area, so the thickness of the glass door and security are issues that people care about.

  Glass door thickness is thicker, please? Glass doors are too thin can lead to burst it?

  Itself and not directly related to thickness of the glass door. Now showers with glass doors are tempered glass, quality glass doors in the presence of an external force, since the risk of explosion is very small. Most explosive is the case is because tempering treatment does not pass.

  Thickness of the glass door right?

  Not thicker glass door can prevent itself, but because the glass shower door will often move, if you make it too thick, glass is heavy, does not favor the shower door rail loading and reception, so do the glass door of the shower room, generally recommended glass door thickness is 6 mm to 8 mm.

  If home kitchen installation push pulled glass door, to from security angle to consider, glass shop boss will said should with 5 a of thickness, 8 a of too sank bad push, actually if is has box of glass door, its thickness with 5 mm is absolute no problem of, actually used 6 a even 6 a above of glass, if is no box of hanging Hall door on need with 8 mm or 10 mm has.

  Regardless of cost, of course, purely from a security point of view, 5+5Insulating glassIs the best.

  Common household glass door size thickness of single 900*2200mm (width * height), it is also used in home decoration is a relatively large size. But if a family member has a child-infested, recommended 5+12+5 tempered glass, or 5 thick tempered glass, and sealed with aluminum 12mm thick in the Middle, plus 5 thickTempered glassTogether made of insulating glass. 5+9+5 in comparison to the more expensive, but also more thick, and broken glass don't hurt people.

  But if the door is used for kitchen and bathroom, wardrobe, basically there is no insulating glass, under the first programme of implementation of the recommendations.

  Glass door dimensions

  In addition to the glass door thickness, we care about is the glass door dimensions such as length, width, dimensions of the glass door to see bathroom the size of a reasonable cut off. For example home bathroom is small, if you also want to consider using a glass partition, it is estimated that only 0.8*0.9m, this is the minimum, this case is best communicated using glass door or shower curtain and other items for the partition.

  Large bathroom, of course don't have to worry about this problem, space allows to select the 1.2*0.9m glass doors, can be cut off and not feels like a waste of space.

  Not directly related to thickness of the glass door and blew, but space does not match the thickness is not easy to use, so we are buying time to understand the space of size and business communication, select size and glass doors.