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How to buy glass sliding doors

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-24
  Small-area limited, in the decoration owners hope the space will not be too fragmented, want more space in a room, full of dynamic. Therefore, activities like glass sliding partition can come in handy, glass sliding doors is to design a dual effect of open space planning, can be described as space weapons. But a lot of people reflect, energy-saving insulation glass sliding doors is not very good, but most likely you didn't choose to.

  Select glass sliding door, first to see the door frame material. Now glass sliding door frame material is aluminum alloy, steel, composite wood materials. A common estimate as we all know, is the thermal conductivity of iron and aluminum are very high, a little heat will be dissipated, so room was always very cold in winter. A few years ago popular steel and plastic Windows, but the material window big enough strength, easy to become brittle, security is understandable. Solid wood composite material with excellent performance, is not easy to crack, damp, and poor thermal conductivity, which we can now best energy-saving insulation products. Its plasticity is very strong, has overcome the disadvantage of low steel intensity, and the price for the aluminum, glass sliding doors made with it more soft and beautiful appearance.

  Occupying most of the glass sliding areas of glass, so the energy-saving targets also play a very important role. The glass types on the market: one is plain tempered glass; the second is coated glass; the third is insulating glass. So what kind of energy-saving effect of the glass is best?Tempered glassGeneral advantage in intensity the more prominent, also known as reflective glass and coated glass, is coated on the surface of the glass layer or multi-layer films of metals, alloys and metal compounds to alter the optical properties of the glass. Infrared has a high reflectivity, and has good insulation properties. Insulating glass is made of two pieces (or three) glass with high strength and high gas-tight composite Binder, glass with aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant made of high performance insulation glass. Thus, the latter two energy-saving insulation glass sliding doors made of glass is better.

  Rely solely on glass and frame of material performance doesn't reach full energy-saving purposes. Glass sliding door seal can also be one of the important parameters, if the sliding door seal problem, energy is also easily lost. Good sealing strip of flexible and elastic, strong weather resistance, your home is the first choice. In short, energy-saving glass sliding doors not only depend on the material, but also on glass, depending on the technology, and purchase from these areas when considering it.