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How to choose a mirror for the bathroom

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:www. Chinamirrormanufact
  • Release on:2017-06-08
  Mirrors are indispensable accessories, fashionable, clear and bright bathroom mirror make people comfortable "to mirror decals yellow." Compared with the past when people decorate the glass shop to cut a mirror to install different, now, a seemingly simple mirror, there are many brands.
  Some famous sanitary ware enterprises have launched their own bathroom mirror, modelling design is very fashionable, the use of "no electrochemical plating" advanced technology manufacturing, its pure silver coating waterproof acid, balance, flatness precision, so that the mirror clear, image real. Mirror Edge using diamond edging, mirror edge smooth, the coating is tightly bonded, has a good waterproof and anti-rust effect. Some products are also on the mirror to make a variety of exquisite computer engraving, different shapes of the trimming, and lined with a famous design of the mirror lamp.
  At present, the difference between high-end brands and ordinary products, mainly in the authenticity of the image. Ordinary products in the shape of the general can be free to chop, but at the same time the mirror image will be deformed vain, in addition to the grinding process is poor, the problem of uneven plating mercury.
  In the purchaseBathroom mirrorShould be positive, side, the reverse angle to observe its quality, a people look at the mirror in general only focus on their own image in the mirror, and did not pay attention to the distance in the mirror of the line object, when you gently move the line of sight, if the linear object is not curved deformation, this is a perfect quality mirror.
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