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How to choose the right glass water for the car

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-15
  Glass water is a necessary consumable for the daily use of automobiles. However, the selection and use of glass water is not as simple as it seems. So, when purchasing, how to distinguish the quality of glass water?

   Glass water in the market can be divided into three kinds

  Liquid glass water that can be directly added: This non-concentrated glass water is most common. The general capacity of 2 liters a barrels, without dilution, directly add can be used to facilitate, but to choose to pay attention to the local climatic conditions according to the choice of the appropriate model. The disadvantage is more bulky, not convenient to carry with the car.

  Concentrated Liquid glass water: This concentrated glass water, a small bottle of about 60ml, need to add 2L water dilution, added to pay attention to pour into the first concentrated liquid into the car, and then add water, which can be better diluted. Concentrated glass water, although not directly added, seemingly troublesome, but wins in the compact, convenient to carry, the car to prepare a bottle will not feel cumbersome.

  Solid Glass Water Magic tablets: this kind of solid state and concentrated glass water use method basically the same, but the volume is smaller, a piece of only 24g, can add 4 L-water dilution, a piece of use can also break apart, melting very quickly, can be very good curing glue, Revive wiper.

   How to buy glass water?

   1, see the Seasons

  Regular brandGlassWater divides several different levels at temperatures. When purchasing glass water, to choose according to seasonal change, generally divided into the summer use of 0 ℃ glass water, can quickly remove the dirt residue on the windshield, the southern region used to increase the removal of shellac-glass water better.

  Winter glass water to antifreeze performance as the selection benchmark, select the freezing point below the local minimum temperature of 10 ℃ above the glass water, or will cause glass water freeze, water spray pump failures, such as problems; there is also a cold area to use the special effects of glass water, to ensure that under the minus 40 ° C when not icing, suitable for the most northern use.

  In addition, the high-quality glass water with fast melting ice and anti-glare, fog and other performance, the normal use of vehicles and driving safety is very important, winter can choose to have such effects of products.

  2, see bubbles

  The richer the bubble of glass water, the stronger the decontamination ability. So when purchasing glass water, the first force to shake a few, to see if the bubble is rich, because the more bubbles to show that the more active agents. At the same time should pay attention to the bubble is tight, the bubble fine glass water containing anionic surfactants, more environmentally friendly, if the glass bubble is too inflated, the environmental protection of glass water is poor.
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