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How to do the glass in the tempering process of the tempering furnace?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-03-19

After the original glass is treated in the glass tempering furnace, pitting will occur. The pitting phenomenon is also a kind of defect in the appearance quality of tempered glass. Several main reasons are listed below:

tempered glass

1. The moisture-proof powder on the glass is attached to the glass by moisture, or there is debris on the surface of the glass. It is not cleaned before tempering.

2. The upper part of the heating furnace has a heat insulation sponge,

3. After the glass is edging, it is not cleaned. After long time storage, the residual glass powder is dry and not cleaned before tempering.

4. The ceramic roller in the heating furnace is not properly cleaned, causing dirt to accumulate on it.

5, glass fryer, there is tiny glass slag left on the roller.

Tempered glassThe pits can usually be divided into two types:

One is intensive. Usually, the pitting is concentrated in an orange peel, which is caused by the excessive heating time of the glass tempering furnace or the excessive heating temperature of the tempering furnace. This can be solved by adjusting the time or temperature parameters of the heating of the tempering equipment.

The other is a dispersion type. Individual pitting points are star-shaped, which is caused by the unclean surface of the sheet or roller path on the glass tempering equipment or the uncleaning of the roller table under the wind damper. In order to reduce the occurrence of pitting, the glass tempering company can establish a roller cleaning system to regularly clean the glass tempering furnace roller.