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How to realize "Internet +" in doors and windows enterprises

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-12
  1000 years ago, the Chinese compass and movable printing came out, narrowing the world's physical and cultural distance, tea and silk are in tandem with thousands of years of business exchanges along the Silk Road. Today, China embraces the mobile Internet, exporting its products, capital and technology to the world as well as a new lifestyle.

  Online shopping, sharing bicycles, Alipay, high-speed rail ... Become the "tea and silk" of China in this era. Cambodia's Lin Jinlong favorite Taobao, "Do not go out to buy things to pick the things"; the Polish Sophie often is hungry for a meal, mobile phone can be home to sell outside the house after payment. "I want to bring most of the stuff back home," Vaida said. In fact, I want to take away is not the way of life, more accurately is the progress of this technology. "Internet +" temperature by the climate of the Dongfeng more and more hot, the traditional doors and windows enterprises may be calm down. Whether it is the previous time boiling over the internet thinking or the current "mobile Internet +", only to make consumers fondle admiringly products is kingly. In all sentient beings talk about the "Internet +" era, for the traditional doors and windows enterprises, then cool Internet thinking than the product of the "brand for the King". From now on, most doors and windows enterprises prefer to "Internet +" as their own promotional methods, rather than the main marketing means, the view of the large and window stores high frequency promotional activities can be seen.

  Although many doors and windows enterprises are committed to O2O double line through the sales model, but "product is the fundamental" concept is still many building materials enterprises adhere to.

  In the face of the internet and products, doors and windows enterprises are also eager to participate in the sharing of the Internet cake, but in the end, we often find that although the Internet thinking can once become the core competitiveness of enterprises, but in the traditional industry in order to customize the main products, the final analysis is only real can grasp the enterprise and user hearts, this is the doors and windows enterprises should seize the "Dongfeng".