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Insulating glass is not allowed to quality--Look at the Raiders

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-12-18

When installing the system doors and windows, we need to pick a glass to achieve a great insulation. Therefore, what kind of insulating glass we choose is a very important thing for us. However, different types of glass have different heat transfer methods and effects due to their different configurations and properties. The variety of glass makes us inaccurate, but when we are familiar with the nature of the insulating glass of the system door and window, our judgment on the door and window glass will be further improved.
insulating glass
The sealing performance of insulating glass is one of the important properties that we need to pay attention to. The glass sample was placed in a vacuum box at a pressure of about 10 KPa below ambient pressure, at which time the internal pressure of the glass was greater than the external pressure. The sealing performance of the insulating glass was judged by measuring the degree of thickness growth of the glass sample and the stability of the deformation. After the sealing performance test, the thickness deviation of the glass should meet the requirements.

Correspondingly,Insulating glassThe ultraviolet radiation resistance is to check whether the sealant inside the glass after the ultraviolet glass is irradiated with organic matter, water and the like. At the same time, the inner surface of the insulating glass after ultraviolet irradiation should be free from the appearance of mist, oil, or other contaminants, the glass does not appear to be significantly dislocated, and the rubber strip has no obvious creep.

The climatic cycle and high temperature and high humidity durability of the insulating glass can be simulated by simulating the weather resistance of the glass under natural conditions and high temperature and high humidity. After passing the tests of climatic cycle and high temperature and high humidity durability, the dew point performance of the insulating glass should not be greater than -40°.