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Ministry of the press issued cement glass to capacity New deal: more stringent requirements, more pr

Fanyu 2018-01-10 14:38:36
At present, the cement, flat glass industry to resolve overcapacity work, but the production capacity of the serious surplus has not been fundamentally alleviated, the industry stable to a good foundation of development is still not firm. In order to control from the source of "no additional capacity" of the gateway, leading enterprises through joint restructuring and capacity replacement, the lack of competitiveness of the excess capacity as soon as possible exit, the Ministry of Industry recently revised issued a more stringent than the original method, more pressure to reduce the strength of the "cement glass industry capacity replacement implementation measures", and the new revised implementation methods were interpreted.
flat glass
   What are the main adjustments to the new revised implementation approach?
One is to increase the amount of replacement, and pay attention to local conditions, the division of the policy. The implementation method stipulates: The cement clinker project, in addition to the Tibetan area continues to carry out the equal displacement, other areas comprehensively implements the reduction substitution, among them: in the national stipulated environment sensitive area construction project, Each construction of 1 tons of capacity to shut down 1.5 tons of production capacity, located in the environment-sensitive areas of construction projects, 1 tons per build capacity must be shut down to exit 1.25 tons of production capacity.Flat GlassProject continuation of the original method of replacement ratio, located in the state-defined environmentally sensitive areas of construction projects, the need to replace the number of production capacity is not less than 1.25 times times the construction project to be approved, other areas to implement the equivalent replacement.
Second, the capacity for replacement is more stringent. The implementation method is clear: the capacity used for substitution shall be the capacity of the provincial Industry and Informatization Authority (hereinafter referred to as Provincial competent department) after January 1, 2018 to shut down the exit. At the same time: has exceeded the deadline for the elimination of State clearance of production capacity, has enjoyed the award of funds and policy support of the exit capacity, no production permit of cement clinker capacity, can not be used for capacity replacement. Of course, the capacity of the project construction process is not suitable for replacement. In order to prevent and eliminate possible fraudulent practices, the implementation approach, in addition to reaffirming that the capacity indicators used for substitution cannot be reused, also encourages industry associations, the media and the public to oversee the implementation of capacity replacement programmes and the construction of new projects.
Third, the capacity for replacement of the indicators approved more stringent. In view of the cement clinker Project construction Existence "batch small build big" phenomenon, in order to advocate the trustworthiness and according to the law according to the rule, the implementation method stipulates: The capacity target which uses for the substitution, according to the project record or the approval document design capacity determination. Actual production capacity is less than the record or approved capacity, according to the actual production capacity. The actual capacity continues to be calculated according to the schedule of the original method, but in order to avoid the confusion of the internal diameter and the outside diameter of the rotary kiln, the implementation method strictly requires the diameter of rotary kiln.
For the trans-provincial capacity replacement, the implementation measures should be conducive to the promotion of industrial structure adjustment and layout optimization, capacity indicators should be transferred from the land and transferred to the provincial authorities respectively to verify the confirmation, and in their respective portal online bulletin.
Four is to further simplify the capacity replacement program audit process. In order to deepen the reform of "pipe-taking", to improve the management and service of the industry, the implementation method stipulates: The provincial competent department of the project Construction is responsible for verifying the authenticity and compliance of the capacity replacement scheme, and announcing it without any objection in the department's portal online, and supervising the implementation of the capacity replacement program and determining the actual production capacity of the project. For the capacity index involving trans-provincial substitution, the provincial competent department of the project construction should make a good connection with the provincial competent department of the production index.
   What new content has been added to the new revised implementation approach?
First, relying on the existing main device does not add capacity of energy saving and emission reduction projects do not develop capacity replacement program. In order to encourage enterprises to carry out technological innovation and transformation independently, on the basis of existing main devices, such as cement clinker rotary kiln and flat glass furnace, carry out the technical improvement projects aimed at reducing emissions and reducing energy consumption without additional capacity, the implementation method clearly does not develop capacity replacement program. In practice, the production enterprises as long as the initiative to announce technical improvement projects, commitment to ensure that the cement clinker or flat glass actual production capacity, at the same time consciously accept supervision.
Second, the new furnace capacity of not more than 150 tons/day of industrial glass projects do not develop capacity replacement program. In order to encourage enterprises to develop and produce high-end flat glass for industrial use, the implementation of the new industrial Glass project, the furnace capacity of not more than 150 tons/day, do not develop capacity replacement program. In practice, the glass enterprise as long as truthfully record the project, at the same time actively announce the project key main equipment, consciously accept supervision can, but must not borrow the development of industrial glass of the name line to build new flat glass capacity project.
The third is to allow the capacity replacement scheme to exist "first-built before demolition" phenomenon. In order to better deal with technological progress and reduce excess capacity, it is beneficial to the normal production and operation of the enterprise, and the implementing method stipulates: The capacity for replacement of construction projects must be shut down before the construction project is put into operation, and the exit will be removed within one year of the construction project. This actually allows the existence of the "first build after the demolition" phenomenon, which is used to replace the capacity announcement, the shutdown before demolition, construction projects can start construction. In practice, the provincial competent department of the project construction should supervise and instruct the enterprise effectively, Shou commitment to integrity, to ensure that in the new project before production, shut down to withdraw from the production capacity for replacement, in the new project production within one year to dismantle the original production lines, and timely release shutdown, production, demolition activities Bulletin, consciously accept supervision.
Four is to increase the penalties for accountability. To prevent the failure of the cement glass industry in the process of replacement, the implementation method stipulates: For the construction project that does not carry out the capacity replacement plan, the provincial competent department is responsible for dealing with the relevant parties according to law according to the regulations; to the capacity replacement program implementation is not in place, the existence of fraud, "batch small build big" behavior of enterprises, To inform them of their dishonesty and promote joint disciplinary action. The administrative organs may occur dereliction of duty, crime and other acts, the implementation of the measures required: the capacity replacement program to verify the lax, supervision of the implementation of the area, ordered to rectify the time limit, serious circumstances to the national bulletin, and in accordance with the laws and regulations to investigate the responsibility of the relevant persons.