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Printing technology of special screen printing glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-12-05
Silk-screen Glass is a kind of decorative glass which is made of high temperature after the glass surface is decorated and printed. Glass screen printing is the use of screen printing plate, the use of glass glaze, decorative printing on glass products.
   1. Etching screen printing of glass products
Glass etching means etching the glass with hydrofluoric acid and forming a pattern. Paint the glass with paraffin wax, then use the tool to depict the pattern on the paraffin wax, and then apply the hydrofluoric acid on it to get the glass etching pattern.
   2, glass ice screen printing
Commonly known as orange peel pattern, silk screen glass ice decoration, first on the glass surface silk screen color or colorless glass flux layer (flux), and then sprinkle the ice glass particles on this layer of glass flux layer, through the 500℃~590℃ sintering, so that the glass surface flux layer and the ice particles layer to create a relief effect.
   3. Frosted screen printing of glass
Frosted refers to the product glass, adhesion a certain size area of glass glaze powder, after 580~600℃ high-temperature baking, so that glass glaze coating melted on the glass surface, showing a different color with the glass body of a decorative method.
   4, Glass screen printing ion exchange coloring
The stained glass is obtained by exchanging the sodium ions in the silver and the glass, and then restoring it into a metal colloid.
   5, Screen printing contact Control Panel
Screen printing contact Control Panel with conductive film, in the vicinity of the screen printed ceramic ink for decoration and text display. Its advantages are mechanical wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, decontamination is easy.
frosted glass
   6, the glass surface extinction screen printing
TheGlassSurface Extinction Oil Ink (Belgium), with screen printing plates on the sodium and calcium glass, a few minutes after washing, the effect is like the tan glass general. The use of fluorine acid in the etching of glass usually results in a similar effect to etching.
   7. The screen printing of the electric mist removing device
The screen printing method is to paint the silver paste on the smooth glass line, and in the glass bending processing while firing.
   8. Screen printing of liquid crystal display elements
The first is in the field with the entire electrical conduction unit on the glass, free acid-resistant inks only on the "8" zigzag part of the screen printing, and then acid etching, remove the part of the conduction unit has not been printed.