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Problems existing in application of fireproof glass wall

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-11-29
   1, fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition are confused use
Glass has been used as a wall for several years. Its advantages mainly include: improve the transparency and brightness of the building, than the traditional wall light and can improve the effective area of construction, construction speed and so on. But fire-proof glass and fireproof glass partition are two different products, fireproof glass is only a part of the fire-proof glass partition or accessories, and inlay frame and fireproof sealing materials, such as combination, installation of fireproof glass partitions.
fire-proof glass
   2. The use of insulation and non-heat-insulating partitions is not clear
If the insulating fireproof glass is used as the composition material of fireproof glass partition, the flame will heat radiation and heat conduction through the glass, so that the temperature of the glass back surface is increasing, when reached a certain degree, the heat will make the person or combustible material without touching the flame of the case, be burned or ignited.
   3. Problems in construction of fireproof glass partition
Fireproof glass partition is composed of fireproof glass, frame, sealing material, cushion block and so on, and is a complete system. At present, the domestic market will fire-proof glass wall as a complete system to consider the consciousness has not been universal, fire-proof glass partition installation has no standard product construction manual, the construction unit also has no special qualification requirements. Therefore, often see the decoration company according to the design requirements of the purchase of fireproof glass, installed itself. In the acceptance of the fire-proof glass product report, do not know the framework, hardware accessories, etc. should be selected fire-resistant glass partition in the fire test of the material used in the structure.
   4, fireproof glass partition on fire-proof glass and fire door mixing
In engineering, with fireGlassA large area of fire-resistant glass doors are often used to the free door of the spring, most do not have a sealing system, can not be used as fire doors. For the sake of beauty, fire-resistant glass doors are used in areas where fire doors must be used, but the product names provided in the inspection reports are often fireproof glass partitions or fireproof glass.