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Purchasing considerations for laminated glass

fanyumaoyi 2017-02-10 15:37:32
  More and more people use in decoration, glass building materials in order to increase the sense of permeability and the lighting of the bedroom rate, but on the other hand, also brings a lot of insecurity, glass damage and burglary is increased. However, with the emergence of high-tech products-laminated glass, fashion and security will be taking into account.

  Laminated glass, is sandwiched between two pieces of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral is mainly composed of PVB film. Glass breaking, pieces will also be glued to the film, broken glass remains clean and smooth surface. This effectively prevents the occurrence of the falling debris injured and penetrating, and ensure personal safety.

  In Europe, most of the glass in building-laminated glass, not only in order to avoid injuries, but also because seismic intrusion of laminated glass has an excellent ability. Middle film can withstand hammer, chopping knives, and other weapons, attacks, and can withstand bullets for quite a long time, which is extremely high level of security.

  Modern living room, sound insulation is good, has become one of the important factors to measure the quality of housing. SaflexPVB intermediate film of laminated glass was used to block sound waves, maintaining a quiet and comfortable office environment. Its unique filtering UV, not only protect the health of the skin, and make home precious furniture, exhibits from the fading fate. It also reduces the transmission of sunlight, reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration.

  Many advantages of laminated glass, used in home decoration will have unexpected results. As many families, including the kitchen door, is made with ground glass material. Cooking kitchen range hood easily at the top, if you replace it with laminated glass, there would be no worry about this. Similarly, the large areas of glass in the interval, restless by nature are a safety hazard for small children, use laminated glass, parents can be greatly relieved.

  Laminated glassSafety ruptured, may break under the heavy ball hit, but the whole piece of glass remains one of, and sharp pieces of small debris and membranes stuck together in the middle.

  Tempered glass needs bigger impact forces, and once broken, the entire piece of glass burst into numerous fine particles, only a little broken glass in a frame.

  Ordinary glass into pieces, typical of the broken condition, generating many long sharp shards.

  Wired glass when broken, and tooth fragments around the hole, around the penetrating point and leave more pieces of glass, wire fault varies.

  Through the above described, I believe we have a more comprehensive understanding of laminated glass, more focused when everyone shopping for laminated glass.
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