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Real estate completion growth rate remained low - glass demand fell by a large year-on-year

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-11-14

After the traditional peak season, the deep processing enterprises in the north have stopped working in advance. Due to the low growth rate of real estate completion, the demand for glass has dropped by a large margin year-on-year. The middle and lower reaches of the original film are more cautious, and the production enterprises have to accelerate the outbound storage many times. Reduce the price. At present, although the inventory of manufacturers in major regions has dropped significantly compared with the National Day, but with the narrowing of regional spreads and the increase in export pressure, it is expected that the warehouse will slow down again.

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The prices of soda ash and natural gas continue to rise, which also makes the cost of production enterprises continue to increase. In the case of falling prices of raw films, the profit of glass production is greatly reduced. However, in the case of falling demand, the cost transfer is difficult, and the narrowing of industry profits is inevitable. . At the same time, as the glass industry is a heavy asset industry, in recent years, the cost of resumption of production has increased significantly due to environmental protection, and the willingness to stop production is not high. Therefore, it is difficult for the short-term profit to fall back or lose money to cause a significant drop in the supply side.

In the absence of new incentives on the real estate side, and the environmental protection and limited production can not have a significant impact on the overall supply of the glass industry, the duration of the contradiction between supply and demand in the glass industry is still difficult to determine, the initiative to go to the warehouse will continue, so the price is still not the end.

In the short term, glass prices will continue to fluctuate. On the technical side, the glass futures 1901 contract faces a pressure of 1340 yuan / ton.