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Reuse of scrap glass, considerable value

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-02
  In life everywhere can see the shadow of glass, whether decorate the house or the daily life mirrors are belong to the glass. So, how much do you know about scrap glass, waste glass can be recycled, and the economic benefits of which are also very impressive.

  The waste glass is classified according to its source of daily waste glass (glassware glass, bulb glass) and industrial waste glass (flat glass, fiberglass). Recycled waste glass after sorting, cleaning, a part of the waste glass after the selection can be directly re-application, such as mirror and glass decorative materials. According to conservative estimates, waste glass accounted for 5% of the living garbage, only flat glass manufacturing annually produced by scrap glass of more than 2 million tons.

  1 tons of scrap per recyclingGlassCan save 100 kg of fuel, a glass bottle is recycled to save energy, can make the bulb light 4 hours. For flat glass manufacturers, the life of the furnace will prolong 15%~20% if a large amount of broken glass is used. The recycling of waste glass can not only save the Environmental Protection Department's disposal cost, save land, but also reduce the pollution to the environment. Authorities said that when the amount of broken glass accounted for 60% of the total volume of the mixture, it could reduce the air pollution of 6%~22%.

  In the face of such promising industries, various research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad have done a lot of research on recycling of waste glass. The scrap glass is crushed, pre-molding, heating roasting, can be made of various building materials, such as glass mosaic, glass tile, man-made glass stone, foam glass, microcrystalline glass, glassware, man-made sand, glass beads, colored glass balls, glass ceramic products, high-temperature adhesives and so on. With the maturity of technology and the increase of investment in science and technology, the use of waste glass in the field of continuous expansion, at the same time varieties also increase.