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Rough edges and fine edges of glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-05-08

Glass fine grinding: Fine grinding edge is also called fine grinding edge. It is usually done by large and medium-sized glass edger. It is gradually refined and edging by different wheel sets. According to different requirements, different meshes are used. Grinding wheel. The fine grinding edge is polished after the rough grinding of the diamond wheel, followed by polishing with a polishing wheel.glassThe edges are transparent and have a high brightness. For glass ribs or bare glass edges, fine edges must be used. The fine grinding edge is polished after rough grinding, which is relatively expensive in terms of processing cost, and the processing speed is slow. Sometimes, in order to ensure the polishing effect, it is necessary to perform the edging twice.

Rough grinding of glass: coarse grinding edge is only used 1-3 diamond wheels for grinding and chamfering, and the edge is allowed to have uneven grinding; in general, the rough grinding edge is mostly artificial grinding.
tempered glass
The tempered glass is generally not recommended for edging. 1. Firstly, if the No. 1 wheel is slightly adjusted during the edging process, the glass will be broken or even the conveyor belt may be scrapped (we will scrape off 2 timing belts). 2. After tempering and edging. How much will damage the compressive stress layer of tempered glass and the probability of self-explosion will increase. Do not choose to temper after tempering. Tempered glass must be finely ground. This is a technical problem.

Like LOW-E glass, it needs rough grinding because it can't touch water and can't be machined.