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Silver mirror and aluminum mirror 4 different methods

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-10

Silver mirror and aluminum mirror surface, the difference is not very big and not expensive at all carefully screened, and can be distinguished from the following 4 aspects.

First, silver mirror and aluminum mirror reflection definition

Silver mirrorSurface paint and aluminum mirror surface under the paint compared, reveal the deep silver paint instead of aluminum mirror paint is more light. Silver mirror than many aluminum mirror clear object specification for geometric angle of light reflection. Aluminum mirror reflectivity is low, about ordinary aluminum mirror reflectivity of approximately 70%, easy on the shape and color distortion, and life expectancy, poor corrosion resistance, in Europe and the United States have been completely eliminated. However aluminum mirror easy mass production, raw material cost is relatively low.

silver mirror

The second, silver mirror and aluminum mirror coating on the back between

Silver mirror more than two layers of paint protection. Scratch the surface of the mirror part protector, the evidence if the underlying copper color is silver mirror, show proved to be a mirror of silver. Silver mirror coating on the back is dark grey, aluminum mirror coating on the back is light grey.

Third, the comparative method silver mirror and aluminum mirror

Silver mirror,Aluminum mirrorMirror from the front color to distinguish is: Silver mirror is a dark, deep color, aluminum mirror is white light, color drift. Silver mirror from colors to distinguish between: back now has a gray color, front color, deep color, dark light. Two pieces together, shiny, white aluminum mirrors.

Finally, comparison of surface activity

Silver is an active metal, aluminum is an active metal, long aluminum oxide to lose color, gray, and silver would not, under the more simple you can try with dilute hydrochloric acid, aluminum reacts very strongly, the silver is very slow. Silver mirror mirror more waterproof than aluminum, according to clearer and more brilliant, generally with what damp places in the bathroom mirror and durable than aluminum.

Silver mirror and aluminum mirror's appearance is very similar to the silver mirror making use of aluminum mirror higher material costs significantly, not only that, but as far as labor costs are concerned, silver mirror production process is complicated, and texture will be different prices. Specific for, difference a, silver mirror for silver plating components, and aluminum mirror with of is metal aluminum: difference two, silver mirror of price far above aluminum mirror price, aluminum mirror cost low, also full durable of, is don't put bathroom to put in dry of place, dang mirror with with silver mirror general price about for 60-70 Yuan/square meters, aluminum mirror price about for 40-60 Yuan/square meters; difference three, from brightness Shang told, silver mirror of refraction performance is better than aluminum mirror, in equal of light strength irradiation Xia, silver mirror will is more bright some.

By introduction of the editor above, I believe you on the silver mirror and aluminum mirror already has a deep understanding of the difference between.

silver mirror