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Soundproof glass purchase considerations

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-01
  Decorating, how many homeowners will want to install a material of door and window! if it's location near the downtown area, it is necessary to install soundproof Windows and doors, soundproof glass? Buy soundproof Windows and doors, glazed Windows and need to pay attention to what then? under small below give you detailed introduction.

  Type a catch

  Windows type including flat open type, and push pulled type and fixed type, from noise effect bad for, fixed type of Windows noise effect best, but this Windows only applies Yu not needed opened and and has lighting needs of place; flat open type and push pulled type of Windows phase compared, flat open window of noise effect to more push pulled Windows better, can according to himself of needs select right of Windows type.

  Glass display

  Glass material is divided into general glass, and hollow glass, and complex layer hollow glass and vacuum glass,, this several glass in the vacuum glass of noise effect best, because vacuum glass is will two tablets glass separated, and time middle of air, glass between formed vacuum layer, application voice cannot in vacuum in the spread of principle to noise, so regardless of is which species noise are cannot through glass biography into housing within; hollow glass only isolated high frequency or energy smaller of noise, on low frequency or energy larger of noise, noise effect is not is good; Multi-layer hollow glass-like sound effects, but security is very high, and not easily broken.

  Sealing performance

  Refers to the Windows integrity seal, including the glass and the sealing of the border. After you close the window border and frame seals and sealing Windows and walls after you install, which together affect the sealing performance of Windows. And decided Windows integrity is sealed, currently there are two main seal on the market-one is the wool seal, another kind of rubber seal Strip. Wool seal and rubber seal has disadvantages, easy hair removal after the wool seal with long, greatly reduce the sealing effect. Rubber sealed through heat and rain easily harden after aging, also reduce the sealing effect.

  Purchase assurance benefits

  Some owners save money in some store bought soundproof Windows, but if you find problems with the quality of the window, the owners compensation for most businesses could not be found, if the owners in a regular home store to buy, even if shopping stores not found, store will solve the problem for homeowners, that is easier to defend their rights and interests. Careful not to save a few dollars and endless.
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