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Tempered glass doors and Windows, you have to know some knowledge

fanyumaoyi 2016-11-23 10:33:52

Glass is an integral part of Windows and doors, early architectural glazing is a single layer of flat glass, developed toTempered glass, Insulated glass, laminated glass, bullet-proof glass. Most of today's Windows and doors use tempered glass. To introduce from four aspects below.
First, how to identify glass and ordinary glass?
1, see glass signs
Glass tempering or corner of the 3C logo, 3C tags (scrape away) basically are tempered glass. Glass processing procedure is for ordinary float glass cut to the required size, and then polishing, cleaning, playing with ink national compulsory certification CCC mark, into the glass after tempering furnace product cannot be cut or processed. Ink after the high temperature usually is scraped away. (3C logo on the glass if your home can rub with my hands, that basically can tell is fake glass. )
2, to see if a slight deformation
From the side to see if the glass has a slight deformation because the glass temperature, when fired, there will be a slight deformation of the phenomenon, which can be seen only from the side of the glass front is generally difficult to see.
3, see fragments of glass
Ordinary glass breaking is large, sharp edges, easily hurt. Behind the glass breaking is granular, corner is a bit dull, not easy to hurt.
Second, tempered glass by shape: flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass
Generally more common flat tempered glass thickness 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19mm, eight; more commonly used surface tempered glass thickness 5, 6, 8, 10MM four.
Three, the tempered glass technology: physical tempered and chemically
Physical tempered flat glass or float glass under certain conditions, by quenching or processed into wind quenching method. Chemical tempered glass is ordinary plate glass or float glass by ion-exchange method, the glass surface molecular changes, make the glass surface laminate stress way of processing.
Four characteristics, tempered glass:
1, high impact strength
Four to five times higher than ordinary Glass; bending strength, high 5 times than ordinary flat glass; and good thermal stability, can handle up to 200 ° c temperature change, as well as features such as smooth, transparent, not cutting. In case of strong impact damage, debris dispersed fine granules, no sharp edges and corners, it is also known as safety glass.
2, after the steel thickness slightly thinner
Thinning due to glass after the hot-melt soften, after strong wind makes its rapid cooling, so that the gap between glass crystal is less pressure, so the glass in tempered than in front of the steel to be thin. General 4-6mm glass after tempering thinning thinning 0.9-1.8mm after 0.2-0.8mm,8-19mm glass in tempered, specific degrees according to the equipment to decide.