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Tempered glass knowledge

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-29

1) what is a tempered glass?  
Annealed glass by high temperatures and quenching, form a strong compressive stress, to increase the mechanical strength of glass several times, that is, for tempered glass. Tempered glass surface stress is: 69~168Mpa.  
  2) what is a heat-strengthened glass?  
Annealed glass by high temperatures and quenching, compressive stress form 69MPa, to increase the mechanical strength of glass several times, that is, heat-strengthened glass. Heat-strengthened glass surface stress is: 24~69Mpa.  
  3) what is a thermal enhanced glass?  
Heat strengthened glass is heat-strengthened glass, it is the technical term for heat-strengthened glass. 
  4) which features toughened glass have?  
Security: rupture and small obtuse angle grain, does not cause significant damage to the human body. High strength: 4 times as ordinary glass strength and above. Deflection: 3~4 times greater than ordinary glass. Thermal stability:Tempered glassGood thermal stability, able to withstand temperature of about 110 ° c.  
  5) heat-what are the characteristics?  
Strength: the strength of tempered glass is annealed glass more than twice times. Security: broken debris of radially, each piece is extending to the edge, easy off, safer, but not part of the safety glass. Deflection: heat-rejection than tempered glass smaller than annealed glass. Thermal stability: thermal stability is also significantly better than annealed glass can withstand temperature of approximately 75 ° c.  
  6) steel products processing is used?  
Flat tempered glass used in construction is carried out using horizontal tempering furnace quenching heat treatment process, which belongs to the physical steel. Glass is also chemically processing methods, but not used on architectural glass.  
  7) what is tempered glass self?  
Tempered glass rupture that occurred in the presence of a force is called self, which is an inherent characteristic of tempered glass.  
  8) what is tempered and heat-strengthened glass stress spots?  
In special light (or polarization) conditions, the observation of tempering (or tempered) glass reflects light, can see light and dark stripes on glass surface, this inconsistent brightness of fringe called stress pattern.  
  9) tempered and heat-strengthened glass stress pattern can be completely eliminated?  
Current international most advanced technology cannot completely eliminate stress pattern, but can be mitigated. Stress pattern is a phenomenon, in addition to outside the influence of tempering process, component collocation rationality, glass curtain wall of glass, weather, and other factors will affect the stress pattern phenomenon of feeling. Reasonable selection of these factors, you can eliminate stress pattern.  
  10) tempered and heat-strengthened glass flatness?  
Evenness of heat-strengthened glass is slightly worse than annealed glass, tempered glass planeness slightly worse than half a glass.  
  11) tempered glass can be completely eliminated by homogeneous processing blew it?  
Currently treatment cannot be completely eliminated tempered self and increase the cost of the new, it is recommended that blew glass using homogeneous processing with strict limits. By homogeneous processing further after the explosive hazard of the Elimination of more than 90 glass, so as to guarantee that the vast majority will not blow itself up.  
  12) toughened glass burst rate with and without standards?  
Modern float glass manufacturing technology cannot completely eliminate nickel impurities, so tempered self is inevitable, it is the inherent characteristic of tempered glass. At present there are no national standards in the world to restrict the tempered glass explode.