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The beautiful glass room in your eyes.

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-10-31
  In winter, the Bryant Park, next to the New York Public Library, opens a winter bazaar, Bryant Park Winter Village, and turns the green sod in the park into a skating rink for free skating for tourists and residents, At the same time, the prize amount of 180 selling a variety of food and boutique shops, so that the winter of New York suddenly become warm. The iconic orange small glass room, one to the night, to meet the temperature of New York, holding a cup of warm fruit juice to stroll Thanksgiving gifts and Christmas gifts, thick festive atmosphere needless to say. The romantic glass house lights up and the whole park is romantic.
  About Glass room Everyone should be not unfamiliar, this year October 23 Levin Iglut Golden Crown Company in the northernmost part of the Finnish area of Lapland provides guests with a unique experience of sleeping in a glass igloo, which can be viewed through a panoramic glass room with Aurora and stars.
September 18 This year, Chengdu, Sichuan, Tianfu New area has a 1600 square meters of "Gucci-style" single glass room, is a hidden in the beauty of the Hotpot shop.tempered glass
  For the glass room, the vast number of friends may just know to use glass to build the house, but the little compiled Baidu is so defined online.

Glass room, also known as the Sun Room, is a glass and metal framed by the full non-traditional buildings, in order to enjoy the sun, close to nature. Sunshine Room has a very good English name--winter garden, literal translation is the meaning of Winter garden. It has two meanings: first, it realizes the intimate contact of the room and sunshine, even in the cold winter, can enjoy the warmth of the sun. The second is the glass room unique heat preservation effect, can realize greenhouse function, even in the cold winter, also can create a warm room environment for the family member. Aluminum-wood composite Sunshine Room has an independent façade and top structure, can be very good with any architectural style of the building fusion, with good insulation effect, to overcome the traditional sunshine room in winter cold summer heat, fog icing and other defects.
tempered glass