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The characteristics of high wall of glass

Fanyu Chinamirrormanufacturer. com 2017-09-30 11:01:16
Glass high distance wall planning production. The activity distance can provide more safety assurance, the glass high distance wall, the equipment after the end will not be easy to appear the shaking, the loose phenomenon, so just good to give us the safe guarantee. High-distance glass wall, there is a strong operability does not require too messy process, can be disassembled or other equipment can be freely, change the layout of the space, the supply of comparable to beautiful interior decoration.
   Glass High distance wall
   GlassHigh-distance wall, in the planning of the kitchen bar at the time of the first location to plan well, because the location will affect the planning effect, will also affect the production process behind, especially the water and electricity arrangements. The wire from what direction, to what kind of, water from which connector to how to drain water. Glass high distance wall, these are in decorate the house of Cent plan well, before paving the floor tiles and other hydroelectric processes together can be perfected. The wiring is set to take into account more than four square meters, because it may be used in high-power electrical appliances. Glass high distance wall, kitchen bar is generally used to arrange the nook, but too small space is not very beautiful, also not very good operation, the general request has more than 90cm to cross-reference good. The assumption is that Single-layer can do 110cm, double layer can do 90-105cm. About the bar of the depth is also to see the function of the bar, the assumption is to drink a little wine and drink can not be so deep, assuming that both the function of the meal will be deeper, a little less than 60cm better. This width is comparable to a good meal.