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The inner-open window has so many advantages over ordinary casement windows.

Fanyu 2018-01-22 11:12:22
Inside Open the window to fire all over the circle of friends, but why is it so fire? Let's see what difference it has with ordinary casement windows!
   One: Inside Open the window
The Inner inverted window is a new form developed on the basis of Casement window. It has two modes of opening, both flat and inward (upper sash). A 10 centimeter gap can be opened on the inside, that is, the window can be opened from above, the open part hanging in the air, through the hinge and so on with the window frame connection fixed. Its advantages are: both ventilation, but also to ensure safety, because the hinge, the window can only open 10 cm seam, from the outside hand out, especially for the home of no one to use.
   Inside the open window down
The advantages of inner-open inverted window:
1, internal inverted when not occupy indoor space, curtains can open and close freely, lifting racks will not and sash conflict.
2, when the child can be free to play, you can rest assured to clean the room, no longer have to worry about the window corner bump head or body.
3, children fun Son climbed the windowsill will not have the danger of falling out of the window.
4, the internal inverted only in the indoor first closed to open the state, so you do not have to worry about thieves through the window into the room, when you go out can open on the hanging, always keep the indoor air fresh.
5. Indoor ventilation is natural, the wind is blowing from the side of the window, not directly blowing people's body, make you feel more comfortable.
6, The Breeze rain, rain can only splash on the glass, will not splash inside. Friendly tip: When the wind and heavy rain, or to shut the window well!
   Two: Flat open window
The advantages of the Casement window are good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation and excellent impermeability. The Interior open window is convenient, but it will occupy part of the room while opening, but it is easy to be damaged when the wind blows.
The disadvantage of Casement window:
1, curtains and sash conflict, want to open the window ventilation, curtains can not be closed strict, especially in the evening, open windows can not be very good to protect privacy, but to pull good curtains, they had to close the window, hot summer, feel very uncomfortable.
2, the balcony of the lifting hanger will clash with the sash, hanging clothes windows can not be completely opened.
3, the child in the window play when the careless will bump into the head, the hard window angle is very easy to touch the child delicate skin.
4, when you focus on cleaning the surface of the window, get up carelessly will hit the waist or head.
5, children fun to climb to the windowsill, if not installed anti-theft screens, will be very dangerous.
These are the daily life of Casement open windows to bring us a lot of inconvenience, some consequences even unimaginable.