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The knowledge of Mirror

  • Author:Admin
  • Source:Baidu
  • Release on:2016-09-05
Since the mirror is vitreous, received bumps and collisions are easily broken once more extravagant is little cracking and slight scratches can no longer be used, so that the mirror is cheap but if you use the same words and inadequately protected people flower heartache! 

So in addition to the mirror to touch down there than what needs to pay attention to it? 
Are the following:
1, Place of learning recommendations mirror or placed flat, but do not put some rough places; 
2, Take note of the mirror, try not to touch the hand mirror, to avoid oxidation;
3, Regular cleaning is one of the most important maintenance methods, but not many people will realize it;
4, Try not to spout fog mirror, a lot of people have this habit, we need to get rid of it.