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The ocean glass is not easy to find

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-28
The President of the North American Ocean Glass Association, Mary Beth Beuke, said in a media interview that the number of members is now up, and everyone's enthusiasm is high. The sale of ocean glass and handicrafts is now heating up, though the ocean glass itself is becoming more and more difficult to find. Ocean Glass collectors are keen to discuss the glass bottles and pieces of porcelain on the sunken ship, but most of the ocean glass sources are common. A piece of blue debris is probably a fragment of a mineral water bottle. Coca-Cola bottles, beer bottles can produce pale green and dark brown glass fragments. However, a lot of years, after a long wave of grinding, to form the now smooth appearance.
Now a lot of beverage packaging is gradually replaced with plastic bottles of glass bottles. Mr. LaMotte says the orange shards come from glass products from the early 20th century in the art of tableware decoration. The red is very rare and the old Shulizi (Schlitz) beer bottle is one of its sources. Some of the yellow fragments are due to the composition of uranium dioxide.
The hunters of the ocean glass are not confined to the collection of glass. Some of them also collect pottery fragments, collecting corks, collecting old toys and marble fragments that seem to cover all the things humans throw into the sea. In the ocean Glass festival, enthusiasts can also get some excellent collection points and collection time information. For example, more than 50-100 years ago, the handicraft industry more concentrated near the coastline, is a good collection point.