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Three kinds of heat transfer of insulating glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-09-27
Heat transfer through the conduction, convection, radiation three kinds of way.
① heat conduction: heat from the higher part of the body temperature along the body to the lower temperature of the part, called conduction. In gases, the heat conduction process often occurs simultaneously with the convection.
② Thermal Convection: The process by which the temperature tends to be homogeneous between the hotter part of the liquid or the gas and the cooler part. Convection is a peculiar way of heat transfer in liquids and gases, and the convection phenomenon of gases is more obvious than that of liquids.
③ Thermal radiation: the object because of its own temperature and the ability to emit energy, this heat transfer is called thermal radiation. Although thermal radiation is also a way of heat transfer, it is different from heat conduction and convection. It can transmit heat directly from one system to another without relying on the medium. Thermal radiation emits energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, the higher the temperature, the stronger the radiation.
Compared with ordinary glass, vacuum glass in the middle of the gas conduction and convection transfer of heat to the lowest, so negligible, so the heat transfer of the vacuum glass mainly through the heat radiation, the border and the heat conduction of the support of the completion, and the use of low radiation coating glass can effectively reduce the radiation heat transfer.
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